Thursday, April 22, 2010

Day 2

Doing well so far, I made it to Day 2 of my blogging challenge...which I realized I put no time frame on. Opps! Well I guess we'll just say the challenge lasts a month and then go from there. I have plenty of time to kill, since obviously I'd rather be blogging then doing homework for a class I could care less about. (Note that is a bad thing, since the class is technically for my major, but in my defense...I took the senior level course equivalent of said class already, so I am feeling a bit relaxed about the whole thing.) <---Wow was that a run on sentence or what? I hope all my English major friends can forgive me.

Today is a day like yesterday here in the Islands. Sunny and then rainy, which I am quite sure must be beautiful weather for most of you mainlanders. However for me it's boring and my sinus' view it as a way for mother nature to continue the misery. Ahh well....on with the show!

Laundry is calling me and so is a trip to Walgreens. Unlike where I am from, Walgreens isn't on every corner here so it really is a bit of a trip to get there. Let the adventure begin!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Day 1

Gosh I am terrible at this blogging thing! I get into for awhile and then I seem to fade away. Can I blame that on the fact that I am a Navy wife whose spouse has a crazy, often unpredictable schedule? Hmm....sure, why the heck not? It's a good excuse.

It's a rainy day today in the Islands and my allergies continue to be miserable, thanks to all the blooming plants. I went to the doctor this week thinking I had yet another sinus infection and all she said was "Are you taking your allergy meds?" and we all know my reply was a meek "sometimes." Apparently my occasional use of the allergy medications isn't cutting it, so I am going to be taking them full time now. I hope they work, because feeling like you have a constant sinus infection isn't so fun. Or maybe it could just stop raining and let things get a little drier around here....okay, that's not happening; back to reality (and the allegra/flonase combo)!

My husband is working a lot (take that to mean what you will), but since he's busy I shall give myself a blogging challenge. This didn't work the last time, but since I have more time to just might work this time.
Today is day 1 and I hope you enjoyed my little ramblings. Toodles!