Friday, April 29, 2011

How am I feeling?

The transfer went well. Now I have a week to wait to see if the embryos stuck. Everyone is asking how I am here's the answer: I am tired, really super duper tired. Exhausted even. Nothing hurts (except maybe my stupid sinuses.) I am a bit nauseated at times and very hungry. Yet when I sit down to eat, food is not all that appealing. NOW, before you get all excited....these symptoms are completely normal for after any IVF. My body is being pumped full of progesterone to encourage pregnancy. So in all honesty, my body has thought it was pregnant since after the egg retrieval.

Mentally, I feel neutral. I am afraid to get too excited, just in case I have to deal with disappointment. And you all know the control-freak that I am. I am always planning ahead. (If you want to know how I manage that as a military wife, let me tell you it's a very intricate process...LOL!) I am very excited to have a positive result, but I have to prepare myself for whatever the answer may be. According to books I have read this is very normal for women who've had IVF. Oh and I can't forget to mention the anxiety. Of course I am anxious. Who wouldn't be? Thankfully the exhaustion is letting me keep that at bay a bit.

I appreciate everyone's continued prayers and thoughts. It means so much to me. I am in awe of the support we've been given. I cannot thank you all enough.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Things That Make Me Happy Right Now

[Foreword: I totally stole this idea from my BFF Angie. She rocks.]

Things currently making me happy:

1. Friends, who even from afar, listen to me and tell me exactly what I need to hear.

2. Pictures of my adorable niece, whose smile makes me happy just looking at it.

3. My caring, sweet things.

4. Television...yeah, I just like it.A lot!

5. Hot showers, thank goodness for an excellent water heater.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Going Ons

I don't know where to start so let's just dive right in!

My egg retrieval was on Saturday and went extremely well. Our embryo transfer is Thursday. I am already like an anxious Mother, calling my IVF coordinator to check on them. I believe that life starts at conception. The day my eggs were retrieved and fertilized with my husband's sperm was the day that life began for them. Despite that it happened with the help of modern science...they are our children. Our DNA came together and created life. I am in awe of this whole process.
I just keep praying for our babies that they will be able to survive in my womb and join our daily life. God is good!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

A look back on Submarine Ball 2011

Submarine Birthday Ball was last week Friday. Though Avery was out to sea, I still went and had an amazing time! I was very honored to meet the MCPON (highest ranking enlisted guy in the Navy) and get his coin! I even met one of the Admirals. For a gal whose spouse has really just begun his Navy career, in the grand scheme of things, this was quite exciting.
Now pictures:

My professional picture for my Mom & his Mom. They insisted on pictures of their daughter. ;-)

Loved my dress and the photographer was kind enough to take this one for me.

With the MCPON when I received his coin.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Great Day!

Today is a great day! I am exhausted, but otherwise feeling good. I had an u/s today to check things out and as expected everything looks great. I have already started the oral fertility drug (Femara for those in the know) and tomorrow I start the injectable medication (Follistim). Monday it's back for a check and schedule the egg retrieval. Everything is going exactly as our doctor said it would and that makes me feel so calm. I am so happy I could cry! After such a hard time...we are finally on the road to getting pregnant.

Now that I have a little time, I thought I'd post some pictures of our farewell. They had a BBQ on the pier for the families before the boat left. It was very nice. I can't thank our Submarine Squadron enough for such a nice time.

Our goodbye hug! I was crying into his shoulder at this point.

The Caption waves goodbye from the bridge of the submarine. He's a great guy and I know is taking good care of my guy and his shipmates.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Tired, but updating you all

Sorry for the blogging break. Avery and I spent our last few days together and then he left on deployment. Now my Aunt came to visit. [Note to self: never agree to visitors so soon into deployment and/or an ivf cycle.] I am on strong hormones for the IVF cycle. They are making me soooooooo tired. I just want to do nothing, which isn't exactly possible right now.

I have given a bunch of blood, had a pap smear. Apparently I hadn't had one since December 2009...which seems strange considering all this infertility business, but my dumb ob/gyn doctor at the military clinic never did it. So my PCM kindly got me up to date on that so I can get the all clear to do the actual ivf procedure.

Avery and I are really excited and even though he isn't here for the whole thing I feel him with me. (Sappy, but true.) We made all the decisions about every possible thing that we could think of ahead of time. We are prepared or as prepared as we know to be. Our IVF coordinator has been great about emailing and calling to make sure everything is good. to entertain....