Thursday, August 7, 2014

Busy Week!

I am having one of those weeks where I have something going on everyday! I am actually looking forward to next week where the schedule is a little less intense!

This past weekend I held a baby shower for one of my friends here. It was such a great shower. She is doing a nautical theme for her son and inspiration just hit me so easily. Obviously, since I love nautical everything!
I even have a Pinterest board dedicated just to nautical stuff. Check is out here!  The shower went well and my friend had her baby on Monday afternoon. The timing was perfect. (Okay so honestly we expected the baby to be at the shower- she was overdue. Guess he just wanted Mom to have her shower first.)

Monday I did household things while Avery was shooting guns for work. Such is the Navy life!

Tuesday I was back in the grind helping plan the Ombudsman Appreciation Dinner. I love the theme. We picked "Night at the Oscars/Old Hollywood," it is going to be so much fun! I hope everyone loves it.

Wednesday and today were doctor appointments. Today was my allergist/asthma doctor. She was running 45 mins late so I did an errand before hand and still ended up waiting a long time in her office. She's never been late like that before. I adore her though and we are both pleased with the plan. Allergy shots for me! Maybe I'll be able to live more comfortably here in the Pacific Northwest now.

Tomorrow I will be at the Command bright and early. I somehow got the 7:30am time slot to present to new sailors (INDOC for those who know what I do.) I am not looking forward to that time. I am more of a 9am person, not a 7am person. Haha!!

Avery and I are doing this challenge I read about on Facebook where you ditch all drinks with sugar and drink water instead. It's not been that bad. And we are both very competitive so I know we will make it. It's really for our health and while we weren't that bad about sugary drinks....I still wanted to make the change. Plus water is free-generally speaking.

Toodles my friends....that's all I've got today!