Thursday, October 4, 2012

Wake me up when September ends....

.....So I can blog again.
Jeez, September flew past me!  

Matthew turned the big 8 months on the 23rd of September. Not much has changed for him since 7 months. He still wears size 2 diapers, wearing too big size 6 month clothes and says Mama & Dada. The biggest thing change is that he is now crawling and when I say crawling, I mean everywhere! We now need a new desk that he can't get into (for reals!) His top 2 teeth have broken through. He's decided baby girls are the best things ever. The dating years in his very distant future could be interesting!

We flew to Tulsa, OK and attended my cousin Andy's wedding. Matthew is probably in the majority of pictures taken by the relatives, based on facebook. He was popular! We had a great time seeing the relatives. (On a side note my bad luck with United Airlines continued as we battled flight delays. It's almost funny at this point! Oh and do I fly them: I am burning through miles & am able to fly under my Mom's premier status.)

While we were in Tulsa, my Mom had a birthday so we went out to celebrate.

Matthew at his Nana's birthday dinner.
I was also thinking what big changes we've had in a year. On September 30th of 2011, I welcomed Avery home from deployment and was 25 weeks pregnant. What a year!

This month, I fly to Moline, IL to attend college graduation. Turns out that while there's a big celebration on campus in Iowa, the actual graduation is in Illinois. My diploma arrived in the mail and it rocked to put that baby up on the wall! 

Happy Fall!