Sunday, July 21, 2013

Little Miss is 2 Months Old!

Julia at 2 months
I can't believe it's been 2 months already!! Our Little Miss is just a joy. I absolutely adore her! She's definitely still a peanut in terms of size. I did her laundry this week and swore she had to be out of newborn clothes. Nope, she's not! I've put her in 0-3 month stuff just to have some variety and she just drowns in it.  She is, however, growing out of some of her NB sized sleepers. She's just too long for them. We tried her in size 1 diapers and those were also a no go for now. Everyone says she's taking after me. I sure hope so. Though I must admit when I see her give an expression that looks like startles me. Little Dude is a carbon copy of his Dad, so I never experienced having a little person look like myself. I like it though.
She's a champion nurser! I also pump and she's able to take a bottle when I'm not able to bring her with me. This is about the age with Matthew where my milk supply just started to drop off, so I've been super vigilant about pumping. I figure it's best to be pro-active this time around.

Tomorrow both kids go to the pediatrician for well baby appointments. Julia for 2 months and Matthew for his 18 month.
They are both being baptized on August 11th. Julia is wearing the baptismal gown that I wore as a baby, which I think it pretty neat! Matthew will wear a nice white shirt and blue pants. The white suits for baptism look silly to put on a toddler, in my opinion. I'm looking forward to their journey into the Catholic church beginning. It seems fitting that they'll be baptized around what is the 10 year mark from when I was received into the Catholic church. :-)

Friday, July 12, 2013

5 on Friday- Linking up!

1.  Bad luck with babysitters! Yeah, that's me. If anyone could have bad luck finding, keeping and not being lied to by baby's me. The stories I can tell about this topic are just comical now. My latest favorite was the one who told me her Grandfather passed away and she was going home, 7 hours before she was supposed to show up, only for me to see her posting locally & asking questions about local things on the Navy Wives page. I didn't want to believe that she could possibly have had told such a crazy lie so I stalked looked at her FB profile, which guess what? She keeps public! And guess death in the family, just feeling ill. Such a strange lie to tell. Needless to say, she will not be allowed near my kids.
Thankfully after that fiasco, I ended up finding a great sitter. I paid her very well, b/c in the words of my friend D, "you need to keep a good babysitter for once!"

2. No Technology Day.  My husband came up with the idea to make Sunday's no technology day in our house. This means no cell phones, tv or computer unless it's an emergency.  Last week was our first time doing it. It turned out well. It seemed so quiet, but I can tell where we definitely need to put down the cell phones! We're doing it again this weekend.

3. Maui. Yeah my cousin and his new wife just moved there. I'm jealous. Can the Navy move us back to Hawaii? 

4. My Pretty Princess. Isn't she adorable??

5. Back to School. It's that time in the stores. They have all the school supplies for sale. I love buying school supplies. The smell of the aisle in the store...the whole experience has always been something I enjoy. Nowadays since I'm not in school and my kids aren't in school yet, I just buy to donate to our church. I took Matthew with and tried to instill the fun into it. He doesn't get it yet, but he will if I have my way! :-)

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

What We're Up To....

SO....I read recently that if you want to have a cool blog that people actually read, you have to post several times a week. That is probably incredibly obvious, but sometimes I need to hear/read the obvious.
I know all of my friends are just dying to read a birth story for Julia (aka Miss J, Little Miss, Peanut) and I really have no reason not to have written one, especially considering my super awesome doula wrote me out a timeline of my whole labor & delivery, but yet here I am not having written it.  Instead I'm doing a what are we doing/reading/wearing etc post. Enjoy!

Miss J on the day she left the hospital. The hand mitts didn't last long, as she hates them as much as her brother did.
What are we doing? Well we're just living the normal life. Running errands, going to the park, eating & pumping and doing the household stuff. Since Peanut has arrived I have revised our weekly schedule- formally called the USS [Our Last Name] Plan of the Day.  I am even more religious about following said schedule now that I have 2 little ones. It just makes the week a little easier on me. I highly recommend it.

How we shop Target...Little Dude holds the stuff, while Julia is in the back.

What are we reading? Kids books for Matthew. His favorites right now include: Brown Bear Brown Bear and several animal sound books. We read them over & over! He says "ook" (he can't always get the B out with the ook part.) It is so much fun! I am glad he loves books as much as his Daddy & me do. As for me....I've been reading books I put on reserve from the library. Recently I finished Two Kisses for Maddy. Total tear jerker and definitely not the next great American novel, but worth it to read.

What I'm Wearing:  Okay so this isn't new, but for the past 9 months I've been wearing tinted moisturizer. I've never been a big fan of foundation so when I found this I was instantly in love. When I don't wear that though, the wonderful staff at Sephora got me into this BB cream from Urban Decay. I can't decide which one I like more. As a nursing Mom not getting as much sleep, it has helped me feel a little better about how I present myself every day. I also have added a lip pencil from NARS into my beauty routine.

What I'm drinking: Besides water, a lot of Mom friends all seem to swear by Spark by Advocare. Now I don't drink it everyday, but when I really need a boost...this stuff does the trick.

That's us in a nutshell.  My dryer just sang it's little song, better go, it's laundry day in our house. This Mommy of two thing keeps me busy!