Wednesday, March 12, 2014

That time Matthew turned 2!

In celebration of the fact that my big boy is not napping today and has decided he'll just play in his crib, I figured it was about time I blogged about him turning 2 years old.

His presents from family on his birthday. He woke up to find these.

Opening gifts.

His "cake" was a chocolate chip cookie pie. He loved it!
On January 23rd, Matthew turned 2 years old! He had a low key day at home with presents and a pie after dinner. He loved blowing out the candle and asked us to do it again over & over again. It was so sweet! The following Sunday we had his birthday party at the community center.

For some reason I can't find all the birthday party pictures, but his theme was a Fire truck/fire fighting theme. There was a bean bag toss, dress up and coloring sheets. Plus good snacks! He had a blast with his friends at his birthday party. If I find the good party pictures I'd love to show everything I did for that...maybe someday. 

2 year well baby appointment.
Matthew had his 2 year well baby exam a day after his birthday party. I guess I can't call these exams well baby exams anymore. He's not a baby. *sniff sniff* I'd call these the toddler years, but Pampers who emails me updates calls him a preschooler. Not sure I am ready for that.....

His stats at 2 years:
Height: 35 inches tall
Weight: 27 pounds
Head Circumference: 50 cm
Wearing: size 3 & 4 diapers, 18 month clothes and some bigger & smaller stuff depending on what it is.
He is really doing great. His speech and vocabulary are above average for his age. They were impressed and yes I know this is bragging, but compared to a time where we were so concerned about his development, it really makes me feel good.  He has all his baby teeth except for those pesky 2 year molars. I keep watching for them to come in. He loves most foods, though sometimes isn't a fan of meat or noodles. He loves reading books & singing songs. Mickey Mouse is a huge hit with him!

Wednesday, March 5, 2014 like a lion....

Is it March already?? Should I give a sigh of relief? I kind of feel like I ought to. Since I last posted in mid-January we've dealt with some sort of illness or injury or teething every other week I swear. I don't know if I even have had time to breath this winter. Speaking of winter....I AM OVER IT!!!! Bring on Spring please!!  Today the PACNORWEST blessed me with the most gorgeous morning. 61 degrees and sunny. That totally made up for waiting over an hour at the Naval hospital pharmacy to get 4 things for my Matthew's fragile skin.

So....what have you missed....or what did I neglect to share with you since I was away dealing with winter illnesses (can you tell I'm bitter?!?)

-My Mom came to visit
-Matthew turned the big 2 years old.
-Julia turned 8 months old, then she turned 9 months old....I swear this kid keeps aging on me and I'm certain I didn't agree to that plan for my baby girl. ;-)
-I've been super busy doing my volunteer job. Can we say dramatic people?!? But I love it...seriously love every moment.

I've got several blog posts planned. Hopefully I can finish them and get them posted. That is if I survive the skin issues Matthew is currently having....

Oh and today is Ash Wednesday, in case you aren't religious and aware. I still haven't formally decided what to give up for Lent. I'm tired of giving up foods...with my current can't-stop-losing-weight issue going seems like a negative on that anyway. I am not even following the Catholic Church's fasting obligation for this Holy Day. I need the calories.

Hope you all are doing well and hopefully I'll be back soon.  Toodles!