Friday, May 13, 2011

Things I am liking right now:

It's Friday and I am celebrating what I like right now:

1. Dots candy. Seriously deliciousness stuffed into one tiny bite.

2. My secret sister (we have secret sisters as a small way to encourage the wives during deployment)....she is pretty awesome!

3. Kindle app for my droid. Especially the free books that are available from Amazon.

4. Everyone's pictures. I always like pictures but right now I am in love with pictures. So post away friends....I want to see what you're up to!

5. My Alaska teddy bear that Avery got me on last year's Eastpac.

6. Finding the stuffed animal dog I bought in England at my Mom's house. I had thought I gave it to Goodwill when I moved out, I am so pleased to have been wrong!

One thing I don't like right now:
1. Blogger having deleted some of my favorite bloggers posts. :-(

Time to snuggle with my kindle app! Toodles friends!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The Post You've Been Waiting For!

Did the IVF work? Everyone wants to know and some people already know. I promised Avery before he left on deployment that I would not reveal the answer until he confirmed that he knew.....

Well I tried and I am sad to say that I just can't keep that promise. Plus, in all fairness I promised him only that I wouldn't reveal it on Facebook (and I have kept the FB part promise...though others have guessed). He didn't say anything about blogger. ;-)

Yes, the IVF worked. God gave us a miracle. (Or two, we don't know how many are in there yet.) I am 5 weeks and at 6 weeks I get to go have an u/s to see how many little lambs the lord blessed us with. I read somewhere that if you make it to 9 weeks you have a 90% chance of your pregnancy making it. So keep praying everyone.

Though I am over the moon....I am still thinking about others who are still waiting for their turn and their blessing of a miracle. I don't plan to make this blog all about my pregnancy now....though it will certainly be mentioned. I am still a sailor's lady who fought over 2 years to get this miracle. I will never forget how hard it was and the fears that still linger.

Thank you everyone for your support. I love you and am thrilled to be back to blogging.

Ps. If you know me on facebook, please do not announce that you know until Avery & I have done so. Just post comments to this blog. Thanks!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

One Observation

Texting during Mass is really tacky....even if communion is over and Mass is about to end.

Yes, I saw this today at church.

Ps. My Mother would've had my hide if I had ever done that.