Thursday, June 28, 2012

Wisdom Teeth and other ramblings...

Just a few days ago, I was writing about my Little Dude turning 5 months. Today it occurred to me that I rarely write about random stuff the way I used to.  I guess that is what happens when you have a child and that's cool, but I miss my ramblings.  I am contemplating writing a blog post about infertility after having a baby and how it feels, but truth is I am scared of how it will come across.  In my mind it offends a lot of people, but maybe I am thinking about it too much.  Anyway...I digress...

I had my wisdom teeth out 2 weeks ago.  It was awful, the aftermath, not the surgery.  Everything went well with the removal. I had a mild asthma attack afterwards, but that was really nothing. The recovery sucked though.  My Aunt flew in the day prior to help take care of me and Matthew.  Looking back, I really should've let go of control and have rested more.  I think that's part of why I had complications in recovery. I couldn't tolerate the narcotic they gave me so I stopped taking it and just took Motrin & Tylenol. The pain was much worse then I ever expected.  My jaw throbbed, but I just kept dealing with it.  Finally after nearly vomiting on the side of the road on the way back from taking my aunt to airport on Tuesday, I decided I better go back and see the oral surgeon again. That office was fabulous, they tolerated even me having to bring Matthew with me.  Apparently, part of the blood clot on one side came out (this is apparently different from dry socket, but is treated the same.)  They packed the sockets and sent me on my way.  I went back Thursday, so a week after the surgery, and they removed the packing & put in some chemically junk.  Thankfully over the weekend I finally started feeling better.  Next time I have any kind of surgical procedure someone remind me to let go of control so I can rest.

School is almost done for me. This past weekend I wrote a big paper for my class and today I found out I got an A! Considering how bad of burn out I've had, this was great news.  I started my last class on Tuesday, so less than 5 weeks until I am done with my BA.  It's been a long time coming.  Clinton, IA (where my online school has an actual campus) I will see you this fall to collect my hard-earned diploma.

In other news....I am going home to the Midwest in August.  It's a reward of sorts for finishing college.  I was always home sick when we lived in Hawaii, but since arriving in Washington I miss home even more. It's like I am so close, yet still so far away.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Our Little Dude is 5 Months old!

5 month picture (He didn't want to smile.)
For those that asked: onesie is from BabyGap

Blackie Cat wanted in the picture.

I finally got him to smile when I gave him his sailor Octopus toy.

Matthew turned 5 months old on June 23rd!  He is just over 13 lbs (we weighed him on the home scale, so I can't get the most accurate number.)  Just yesterday, he finally moved to size 2 diapers. He is also getting his first tooth!  We can see the very tip of it peaking through on the bottom. He loves to laugh and swing. He also loves toys that play music.  
On July 6th, he sees the kidney doctor to figure out what's going on with his kidneys.  I filled out the kidney questionnaire and was kind of shocked at how many things he matches on it. The visit will be interesting!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Father's Day and Matthew Update

Matthew & Daddy meeting for lunch.
Last year, Avery was deployed and I was pregnant with our little dude.  This year Avery is home and we are a week away from celebrating Little Dude's 5 month birthday.  What a year! I remember asking a friend of mine last year, if she ever wondered what kind of Dad her husband would be before their baby was born. She said "no" and I recall feeling awkward having asked.  I asked not out of malice towards Avery, but of sheer unknowing. Yeah, we'd discussed kids tons of time, but I really had no idea how either of us would be as parents.  I can say honestly, seeing my husband be a Daddy to Matthew has been a joy. He loves our son like no other.  When I lose patience he's there and vice versa. Matthew adores his Daddy and I know the feeling is mutual.  With that I say- HAPPY FATHER'S DAY, AVERY!

Update on Matthew: As I have mentioned previously, Matthew came down with a fever shortly before Mother's Day.  At this 4 month well baby appointment, his pediatrician asked me if the ER had ever called to tell us what the outcome of his urine culture had been.  (Since she was not the doctor who ordered the urine test, the results weren't sent to her immediately.) The ER had not called. Turns out Matthew had a UTI, but since he had been given the 24 hour antibiotic shot at the ER, she felt he was probably fine. Nevertheless, she wanted to have him get an ultrasound of his kidney's just to check him out.  He had the u/s this past week Tuesday.  The tech said she saw some "fullness" in his kidney's, but did not elaborate and the radiologist didn't come in to see us. Lt. D (his pedi) called on Thursday and said she also saw the fullness, so Matthew is being referred to a kidney doctor in Tacoma at the children's hospital there.  Naval hospital is great, but they are very small and do not have all the resources we may need for him regarding this issue. We are not worried and feel good to have a doctor who is so proactive with Matthew's care.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

"It's Ok" Thursday

Its Ok Thursdays
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...It's okay that I am yet again blogging while my little dude is napping in his swing. He sleeps in the crib at night so good enough and thank you for the person yesterday who commented that. :-)

...It's okay that I bought him a shirt that says "Little Dude" at Target yesterday, even though he did not need anymore clothes in that size. was on clearance and said his nickname!

...It's okay that I use homework as a way to get a little quiet time on Thursday evenings, when my husband takes Little Dude out somewhere for an hour or 2.

...It's okay to still watch The View even though my annoyance with Sherry Shephard turns out not to be pregnancy related and is just me.

...It's okay to not know who to vote for in the upcoming elections.

...It's okay to watch bad reality television.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Wild Wednesday!

Alright, so it's not really that wild.  Unless you count Matthew putting up a great fight at naptime. Thank goodness for his swing. He finally fell asleep there.  (And yes I know all the books say not to let them sleep in the swing, but seriously this Momma needed quiet time and if the swing does it, so be it.)
We are having a fairly low key week.  There's not much going on around here. 

School: I am on my 3rd week of my 2nd to last class.  The professor is super arrogant and though I am doing well in the course, his attitude really doesn't make it easy.  Plus, he thought a student who used a less than great source was "wonderful" which just turned me off even more.  I can't wait to be done.  (On a side note: I got an A in my previous course, which really made me happy since it was my first class back after maternity leave.)

Weather/Shore Duty: The weather up here is cold.  I tend to forget it is even summer.  I recall how annoyed I used to get at the people who complained about living in Hawaii, but I kind of get it now, because I complain about living here frequently.  I am doing my best to find the good things, but it is difficult.  Coming from 5 years of sea duty to shore duty is a huge adjustment.  Avery and I are struggling a bit to figure out how live like a "normal" couple. On the positive side, I am going out for dinner/drinks with some ladies whose husband's are also on shore duty on Friday. I am hoping/praying they can become friends. It seems harder to be friends with the ladies whose spouses are on sea duty for some reason. I guess it has to do with the whole vastly different schedule.

Matthew: I forgot to mention in my previous post that they discovered that the reason Matthew had a fever in May was due to a UTI.  So he will have to have a renal u/s next week.  It's just precautionary, due to his age.

Wisdom Teeth: Mine are impacted and must be removed surgically next week Thursday.  The doctor told me he'd prefer I allow him to put me under for the procedure and after I listened to him explain it, I agreed.  This is more money out of pocket, but it is faster and let's be honest who in their right mind wants to be aware of what the oral surgeon is doing?  Not me for sure! I am dreading the whole thing. Especially since anyone who knows me, knows I am a big baby when it comes to teeth/mouth pain. I also like to talk and eat and things that inhibit those activities annoy me. Which leads me to my next topic....

Baby Weight: Yes, I have proved the nay-sayers wrong and lost all the weight I gained.  It can be done. I was 121 on the day of the embryo transfer and 157 on the day my induction began.  In May when I saw my new doctor, I was 122 (okay so one measly pound up from my starting point, but close enough.)  The one thing I did that I cannot stress enough to people is this: after you've given birth go get normal pants in your "new" size. I was a size 10 after I gave birth and even though the number scared me a bit, having clothes that fit properly really helped my self esteem immensely. 

So there you have it, Wild Wednesday!

Friday, June 1, 2012

May 2012 in Review

This month has been such a busy month filled with so much stuff!  I've been busy with school, so blogging hasn't really been the priority that I keep meaning it to be.  May was a busy month for us filled with firsts.
[As you all already know May started off with Matthew struggling to gain weight and fighting off the threat of hospitalization. Thank goodness we got past that.]

Our first ER visit: Then we made our first ER visit with Matthew.  Right before Mother's Day, Matthew came down with a high fever, so we took him into the Naval Hospital to get checked out. They took blood, urine and did a chest x-ray.  Because we delay vaccinations, they decided to give him a 24 hour antibiotic just in case and after only 4 hours we were home.  With the exception of them disagreeing with our vaccination plan, Naval Hospital Bremerton, was fabulous.  Everyone was so nice and the time passed by quickly.  The next day we saw Lt. D, Matthew's pediatrician, who tested him for the flu (a horrendous test that had Matthew screaming more then getting the blood & urine draw the night before.)  He did not have the flu and his fever was gone within a day.

My first Mother's Day with Matthew on the outside: My Mom flew in 2 days prior to Mother's Day and Matthew and I were there to greet her. My Aunt & Uncle drove up from Portland too. It was a great weekend.  The weather was lovely and Matthew was as sweet as can be!
Holding a sign to Welcome Nana!

Matthew and Mommy on Mother's Day 2012

 First (and only) Four Month Birthday for Matthew:  Matthew turned 4 months old in May.  He's a very active little dude.  He likes kicking his legs and continues to roll over, as he's done since 2 months of age. His play mat and vibrating chair are his 2 favorite places to be.  He continues to sleep from 9pm-6am.  His current favorite activity is "eating" his hands.  Just recently at his well baby appointment he was 13 lbs and 26 inches long (his weight is still low for what he started at, but he's gaining enough to appease them). The Corpsman said we have a basketball player on our hands. I think she may have been correct. His infant car seat only goes to 30 in. so we are investigating convertible car seats and hoping to find a good deal on one, since we're going to need it sooner then we expected.  He still wears size 1 diapers (we've been in those since 2 months) and is in 0-3 month clothes, with a few 3 month outfits mixed in. He can also still wear some NB sized clothes.
4 month picture
First (and only) Four Year Anniversary for us:  Avery and I celebrated 4 years of marriage at the end of May.  We went to The Melting Pot for fondue and left Matthew with a babysitter.  We had a great evening out alone.  Unfortunately I completely forgot to have any pictures of us taken. Oh well!

Thanks for reading along folks.  Matthew and Avery are getting shots today. I am the lucky one who does not need to get shots this time around. :-)