Monday, September 10, 2012

The Latest News & Events

My Little Dude and I
Whew, has it been 2 weeks since I last blogged? Yikes, I really have got to do better.

So let's see....what's been going on around here...

Matthew turned 7 months old on August 23rd.  At 7 months: he is wearing size 2 diapers and is in size 3 month pants and finally got into the 6 month clothing which is still too big on him, but I was getting tired of the same clothes, he scoots (it's not quite crawling) around the house and gets into as much as possible, can sit up on his own, though he hates it and will stand if you're holding his hands.  His favorite toys continue to be the ones that play music and he recently figured out bouncing in the jumperoo.  He loves water and indulged in his baby pool until the weather grew cold over the weekend. He finally said Dada last week, which Avery was thrilled about and of course he still says Mama.  He appears to be working on one of his top teeth though it hasn't slowed him down much with the exception of a few fussy moments.
He enjoys "singing" at church or maybe that's him giving insight into the homily?? ;-)

On September 1st, I turned the big 2-7!  I had a great birthday. My 3 favorite people in the world were here to celebrate with me (Mom, husband and baby.)  We went to dinner and just chilled out. It was a nice & relaxing day.

Avery finally reported to his official command here (he had been at a training command when we first arrived) and is getting settled in there.

In 3 weeks, Matthew and I are headed to Oklahoma to celebrate my cousin Andy's marriage. I cannot wait to introduce my son to the relatives! (I have a cousin named Matthew and I am planning a picture of the 2 Matthews!) Then in October I am attending my college graduation. It's a busy, busy fall.

Hope you all are well.