Monday, August 27, 2012

Miscellany Monday: 8/27/12 Edition

miscellany monday at lowercase letters
1. Kitsap County Fair
Lambie the sheep

Matthew enjoying the Kitsap Fair

You could write stuff on this, so I wrote "Matthew's 1st Fair"

The pregnant cow. Poor thing looked miserable! :-(
On Friday, Avery and I decided to take Matthew to the Kitsap County Fair. This fair is quite nice! We saw all the animals and looked at all the different 4H projects local kids had done. I was so impressed. I also learned some interesting facts and bees. Bees are fascinating, who knew? Matthew was so curious watching the animals. He refused to pet a sheep, so Mommy did it for him. (I love sheep. It's tradition for me to pet them at these type of events.)
2. Cleaning, Cleaning, Cleaning!After church yesterday, we cleaned the house and car in preparation for my Mom's visit. She'll be here in 2 days. Yay!
3. Allergy Update
Still having issues, my allergist has changed my meds completely and I get 2 weeks to see if they help. I've cleared my house of anything that may have latex in it, as she is convinced that's the issue. I really don't think that's it since I go to great lengths to avoid latex exposure, but I will continue to go through the house.
4. Popular on Pinterest
I can't believe how "popular" my pins have become on Pinterest this weekend. I love using that site for crafts, meal ideas, gifts and more! I feel humbled that so many people like what I pin. (If you want to follow me, I have a button on the blog to your right.)
Have a great Monday everyone!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Working on Crawling...and other news...

Taken today!

Matthew is working really hard at crawling. He gets himself up on his hands and knees, but then has difficulty moving very far. He's so far excellent at pivoting himself around and with the help of a little rolling can move himself pretty darn well.  I can't leave him out of my sight for long.  I have a feeling that he'll get the movement thing down pretty soon, so I better start thinking about childproofing the house a little more seriously.

Oh and I have mentioned that he says Mum & Ma?  Well he does and has been doing so for nearly a month now.  I gotta admit, he definitely charms his Mommy when he says either of them. Especially since everyone told me "Da da" would be first.  We are guessing he can say the M sound sooner, because his name starts with an M and he hears it all the time.

In other news:
I got out my resume and started to work on it a bit.  It's quite rusty, to say the least. I will probably need to take a resume course or something.  Thankfully the Navy offers services to spouses for such things. (Thank you, DOD!)

Matthew's Nana (my Mom) is coming out next week to be here for my 27th birthday. My Mom tries to never miss spending a birthday with me and so far she's only missed one (my 23rd and 1st in Hawaii.) I give her big props. This is a tradition that I definitely think I'd like to pass on with my kids, if they are cool with it.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Miscellany Monday: 8/20/12 Edition

miscellany monday at lowercase letters

1. Resolved?
I recently took my annual survey that Resolve, the National Infertility Association, asks people with infertility to take so they can get data about infertility.  This year I quite obviously have my miracle and so I could answer the question about having a baby thru IVF with a resounding "YES."  That was great, but the part that bugged me a little was the next question, which asked me if I felt the infertility had resolved itself now that we had our miracle.  I answered, "no" and when they asked why I said, because I feel infertility isn't something that resolves itself generally. You don't stop being unable to conceive naturally just because IVF worked for you one time. To me our infertility will never be resolved. I will still have a twinge of pain when I hear of people getting pregnant normally. I will be envious that people can have their children without scheduling an appointment with a Reproductive Endocrinologist. That's not meant to be negative towards anyone, it's just truth.  However, I will come to a point someday, I know for sure, where I will be content with our family and how it came to be. For now I enjoy our baby boy and thank god everyday that I was given the privilege of being his Mommy.

2.Lighter Fare...New Roof
The previous topic was a bit deep, so let's move on to something lighter.  On Wednesday of last week, they started on a new roof at our house. The noise has been...well, horrible to say the least. Between the hammering and the roofers shouting at each other, I am amazed Matthew has napped at all.  I guess he can sleep through almost anything.  It's been an interesting experience.

3.New Church
Our new church so far seems fabulous!  We are now members at Holy Trinity Catholic Church in Bremerton.  I really like the parish for a few different reasons.
1. No one there has a seat that they always sit in.  This is unusual for many Catholics, so when I discovered that I wasn't taking someones seat I was ecstatic! 
2. They have an interpreter for the hard of hearing folks.  She is fantastic.  (I mention this, because MacMurray College, where I went, has a big deaf ed program and I am forever endeared to ASL and interpreting.)
3. The current visiting priest is from Britain and his homilies are filled with interesting stories. I realize he won't be here forever, but just the fact that he's here now rocks my socks.
4. Everyone smiles and says hello!  In Hawaii that wasn't the case and so I often felt a bit isolated at church there.
5. They don't mind screaming/crying/talking children. They have an area in the back you can go and still hear the service. This will be great when we bring Matthew (I haven't done so thus far.)

I think that's it for today.  Have a good one folks!

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Picture Post

New hair cut and color.

Helping Mommy in the kitchen.

"Oh hey Mom, how's it going up there?"

My boys: husband, son and cat.
I have to say that I love that I can link my droid phone with this blog, so I can post pictures I take from my phone. This is an awesome feature! Great job, google!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Is it August already?

Wow, August snuck in on me and the month is nearly halfway over already! 

School finished up and I got my final grade: an A- (missed the A+ by a breath, oh well!)  As of this morning, I was put in the "graduated" status.  My diploma only will take 6-8 weeks to appear at my house. Avery and I are surmising that they must use special imported paper on those for it to take that long. ;-)

Matthew and I traveled to Southern IL to visit my Mom at the beginning of the month.  As usual, my bad luck with United continued with delays, maintenance issues etc!  (For those wondering why I flew that airline, it was because I used airline miles to travel and finagled flying under my Mom's Premier status. The only perk of my air travel experience with United.)  Matthew did remarkably well considering the delays.  He ate and slept and charmed old ladies! He even went to sleep at a strange hotel when we got stuck in Chicago for a few hours. I was so pleased with my little dude. Such a champ. A very generous gal let him play with her iphone at one point.

There are tons of pictures from IL, but they'll have to wait for another day.  Today is a day of catch up.

I ended up having a CT scan of my sinus and yesterday the allergist went over the results with me. My right side has some deviation, but otherwise nothing is wrong with them. So she prescribed 2 different sets of nasal sprays.  I am beyond frustrated at this point. I don't even know what I should do now. I feel like I am stuck. If anyone has advice, please share it.

Otherwise, we are all doing well.  Toodles my friends!