Sunday, June 19, 2011


Happy Father's Day to my hubby, Avery.

I hope you know how much I appreciate you and the work you do everyday to provide for me and our baby.

When you read this many months from now, when deployment is over, I want you to know how thought of you are and how present you are in our lives despite not being here on this particular day.

All my love, Your Wife, Liz

Monday, June 13, 2011

Not much going on....

I've been feeling so poorly lately, that I haven't had much desire to see people. I hate to be the annoying, whiny pregnant lady. So if I've seemed to ignore you, please don't take it personally...give me a few more weeks and hopefully I'll be back in the game of life.

I am very burnt out with school, but somehow was convinced by my adviser to double up classes and be finished by December. I am just going to schedule homework time into my day. If it's on my calendar the likelihood of it getting done is much greater.

Avery sent me 2 dozen red roses as a belated anniversary gift. They were such an unexpected surprise. Things like that make deployment just a tad bit easier.

Not much else is going down. Toodles!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Missing You

I you rub my back at night, so I can fall asleep.

I miss....taking you to work in the morning and coming home to watch the news.

I miss....telling you all the mundane details.

I miss....texting you just to tell you I love you.

I miss....the smile you give me when you come home from work.

I dinner for us.

I miss....kissing you. Okay, I miss this A LOT!

I miss....the smell of the submarine.

I miss....uniforms hanging up in the laundry room.

I miss....empty energy drink cans in the car.

I miss....listening to you pay video games.

I miss....almost everything.

I best friend.

Monday, June 6, 2011

United Airlines and traveling

Preface: This post was formulated after a horrid experience with United Airlines a few weeks ago.

Customer service appears to be gone when it comes to some of the airlines in this country. I realize that a lot of people fly and costs are high, but is that really reason to treat passengers like crap? My case in point: my flight from Chicago to St. Louis was canceled due to weather. When I informed the woman that I didn't live in Chicago and would therefore need a place to stay the night (aka a hotel room), she refused saying it wasn't her problem I had no place to go. Really?? The weather I understand wasn't her fault, but the fact that the flight was canceled, thereby leaving people stranded was an issue that the airline needed to address. After going back & forth and me getting increasingly angry (I do have a temper when dealing with rude customer service reps), she still wouldn't help me. The next day when I was trying yet again to get out of Chicago, I encountered more rude people working for United. They were the most unhelpful bunch of people I have ever had the misfortune of dealing with. I am a paying who has been loyal to this airline almost my entire life (thanks Dad). If they look me up in their computer, it shows my status with this airline. Yet they still think it's okay to act like I am the problem?? Am I missing something here?
What happened to customer service???? Is it just United?
I wonder, because Delta & Alaska Airlines who I also flew on this trip were fabulous to deal with. Every employee treated me well and helped me without attitude.

United lost a customer with that experience and they can blame their employees lack of service for it. Customer service is important and I really wish companies wouldn't forget this key concept.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Little Life Update

Not much is going on here. I was in Illinois visiting family for a month and now I am home trying to get back into my groove.

I had a 6 week u/s and there is just one baby. Part of me morns the loss of that embryo and yet another part sighs with relief at just having one. I have a lot of morning sickness. I cry a lot when I am alone....I just can't help it.

I miss Avery desperately. This deployment feels very long at times. They did finally port and I have spoken to him, which is nice, but it also makes it worse I fear to say. It's sometimes easier to not know where they are and to not be wondering when the next phone call will come in.

I applied for a new passport (mine was lost somewhere in the many moves I made before I got married), on the off chance that I will go meet the boat somewhere. I honestly do not think I will, because it is so very expensive, but I want to have the chance.

We are up in the air about when he will be able to re-enlist (due to the government being broke). Until that gets figured out, we have no idea where we'll be going to shore duty. If things don't work out with that, then we still have the option of him staying on the boat for another year, which would mean a 3rd deployment with this boat. I hate that option, but will go with it if we have to.

As for me, I am just doing enough work to get my degree done as quickly as possible. I don't care about my GPA anymore. It's time to just pass school and get out. I am beyond burnt out. That nursing degree that I had intended to finish after getting this degree may have to wait awhile longer or never happen. I am more & more okay with not finishing it.

Hope all are well.