Friday, January 29, 2010

Back to the ordinary after visitors

The title says it all. We had a visitor with us last week. It was one of my former college roommates. She'd never been here so despite a sinus infection & a busy life I managed to play tour guide for her. We've never had anyone say at our house before that wasn't related to us, so I definitely learned a few things about having guests. Not that she was a bad guest, but when your name is Liz and you are a busy Navy wife you realize how hard it is to slow your life down to be a proper tour guide. Thus I think all future guests will need to invest in renting a car when staying with us. Now if they chose to stay in Waikiki a rental car may not be necessary. Anyway....lessons learned and a fun time was had. I definitely was forced to brush up on my Hawaiian history and actually am reading a book about Hawaiian history, since my interest in the history of where I live has been renewed. Anyway, she left on Monday and that meant it was time for me to accomplish all that didn't get accomplished last week. Here it is Friday and I finally feel like I am nearly all caught up. This weekend I am looking forward to doing a bit of homework, some laundry, going on a job interview and then just taking it easy.

Fertility update:
Have to wait until next week to have more tests done. However if I get a positive pregnancy test that will negate all such tests, so I am very much hoping for a positive test. Continued prayers on that front are appreciated.

I changed my major from Healthcare Administration to Health & Human Services. I changed, because I really didn't like the management aspect and I know I do better when I am working directly with people. So I've switched and yes while it will push college graduation back yet again....I think this is for the best. When I get back to nursing in 2 years, this degree could help me work as a nurse in a public health setting and that is something I think I might really enjoy. Management just isn't for me.

Not much else to tell everyone. So I'll stop for now.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Absentee Voting & Fertility

The State of Illinois sent me my absentee ballot for the February 2nd general primary election today. The only I have to say: who the heck are half these people?? As of now I haven't a clue who to vote for, because despite my best efforts, let's face it...I am not up on my local Illinois politics. I called my Mom, who still lives there and even she didn't know some of the names. I intend to do a little internet research and hopefully find some non-biased information. I dislike voting when I am uninformed, though I have done that before.

As for life, it turns out the doctors were wrong and I do not have a re-occurrence of cervical cancer. So I am moving forward; my ob/gyn and I will be discussing my fertility this week. Without going into too many details, my sailor husband and I have been trying for 9 months now to conceive a child without any luck. Apparently in the military system after 6 months they'll consider you infertile and finally help you out. I wonder how this conversation is going to play out, because although I like my ob/gyn, let's face it the doctor has a few issues he needs to work out. The major one being that he really ought to look at a patient's chart before speaking with them. I would like to change doctors, but at the moment he's my only option, so I will do what I have to do.

As for my resolves: I am failing miserably at the homework one. I work better under pressure, so maybe that one doesn't make sense for me.

Friday, January 8, 2010

New Year, New Month, Revised Me

Well here we are in 2010. We started the year off quietly and in reflection. My husband and I decided not to have resolutions, but instead to have resolves. For 2010, he is resolving to exercise more and lose some weight. I am resolving to attend church at least twice a month, do my homework earlier in the week, and the biggest one: I am resolving to be happy. That sounds cliche' I know, but I was reading something another friend had written that said we control whether we are happy or not and that struck a cord for me. I think I believe that to be pretty much true. Upon reflection (and I had plenty of time in airports and on airplanes to do so) I realized that often I have chosen to just stay miserable. It is like it gave me something to do and well I'd rather spend my time being happy instead.

So here I am eight days into the new year and I want to say I've done well and I suppose I have, I did do homework a little earlier (but only in terms of that resolve will take more work) and I plan to attend church this Sunday. My resolve to be happy though has succeeded fairly well. I did let the hormones take control for a day there when I was just mad, but yesterday I got back on the happiness horse. Today I can say I am happy too, because despite the not so perfect life I made the choice to be happy today.