Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Turning a Corner

This blog was originally created as a way to vent and then as a way for our family & friends who live far away to see how things were going with the infertility. I fear I've been so grumpy lately that I haven't written anything of real value.
It's hard for me since I don't want to hurt the feelings of those I know who are still struggling with infertility or who have stopped treatment. I've been there and I will never forget the pain. I still worry and I probably won't stop worrying until our baby is born and makes his first cry.
I feel as though I am letting our family and friends down, by not updating on the pregnancy. So this blog turns yet another corner.....the corner where Avery and I are about to become parents and the blog about our (okay, mine with his sprinkled in a little) family begins a bit. (Still expect my complaints, because let's face it....a gal's gotta vent somewhere!)

I am just over 19 weeks pregnant. Though he was still measuring big at 16 weeks, I still have the same January due date and as we all know.....babies come when they are ready to come.

I picked out my nursery theme and plan to order the bedding set soon. We are not planning to paint his room, since we don't know how long we'll live here.

Avery is up for orders right now. We do not know where we are going and when we'll be able to go there. Staying in Hawaii is looking like a good possibility at this moment. I admit, it is one that frightens me a little. I worry I won't be able to get a job here and I don't like the idea of not having our families nearer to us. Yet, it is also familiar and we like the weather....A LOT! 3 more years would keep our son out of the Hawaii public school system (which is not consistently known for being good.) We await word from the detailer (important dude who finds military people a new command/job when it's time to move.) It's been more difficult to pick orders since Avery is deployed and cannot just call the guy anytime he wants. Ahh well!

It looks like I will finish my degree next spring. That's a semester later then planned. I could cram it all in, but I think that'd be too stressful to do right now. I will have a degree next year though and then it will be time to re-start my career. I am behind on that front compared to most people my age and sometimes I feel lost because I am 25/26 and not in my career yet. I need to work to be fulfilled I think. Avery has his goals and he is happy. We got married and now are having a baby, so those "joint goals" as I would call them are accomplished. I need to figure out me now. [No offense to SAHM/W, it's just not for me.]

Ugh....it's late and I need sleep. Peace out folks!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

It's a Miracle!

Okay....not an exciting miracle, but a good thing happened recently, after my crabby post. I went and bought a humidifier for our bedroom. It's been amazing!!! I am actually sleeping better again. My sinus' still hurt, but they aren't so horrid that I can't stand to lay down at night.

So that's the lesson for the day. Go get a humidifier, they rock!

In other news, my Momster will be here in a week and a day. Yay!!!

(Now I just have to finish a research paper and end this tortuous class.)

Back to the books, so I can keep my A in the class.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Tired and Grumpy

Clearly, since you all can read, I just can't seem to get into blogging at all lately. I am tired all the time and grumpy, because I am tired. I can't seem to sleep due to the pain in my sinus' and just the usual insomnia. Mix that with the fact that my ob/gyn decided that Ambien is no longer a drug he wants me to take and you get a sleep deprived, b*tchy lady. Everyone is convinced that as soon as deployment is over and Avery is home I will sleep fine. Well guess what guys?? I am not one of those ladies who can't sleep without their spouse. Sorry if that makes me a bad wife, but my sleep is the same whether he is here or not here.

School is ridiculously busy right now. I am dealing with a difficult professor, who I plan to report to the university at the end of this class. I'd do it now, but I hesitate to rock the boat when she's already a pain in my side. Seriously....if you don't hear from me, don't take it personally this is one of my last classes and I will not let this women railroad me out of a good grade, so I've been hunkered down working harder then I usually need to.

On the bright side of things, if you aren't friends with me on Facebook, we are having a baby boy! (He had a name, but then Avery decided to 2nd guess the name....so I will reveal it as soon as we can both agree on a name again.) I've started planning his room theme and can't wait for my Mom to get here so we can buy the furniture. Then when Avery gets home he can put all the furniture together! Avery will NOT get to miss those obligatory pictures of the Dad-to-be putting the crib together...muahahhaha!

Deployment is counting down now. We passed the halfway point over a month ago. We are getting there. Yay!