Wednesday, February 24, 2016

What's Up Wednesday!

Can I just say that this month has FLOW past me at 100 MPH! Suddenly I looked up and it's the 24th of the month already. Between getting ready to teach Compass, teaching it, doctor's appointments, the dentist, going to Portland and then month is over! 
So to do a quick catch-up, I figured it'd be easiest to just do a link up today.

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1. What we're eating this week...

Thanks to illness, we are doing low key easy meals; no new recipes this week. I did a frozen pizza last night, am cooking tacos tonight, a whole chicken in the crock pot tomorrow, white fish on Friday, breakfast for dinner on Saturday and Sunday is TBD.

2. What I'm reminiscing About...

You're probably going to laugh....but I was getting to be a little "I know everything" Navy wife and then last week at Compass we had participants who were all very young/newly married spouses. It took me down a few notches and humbled me. Then I got teary and have been remembering how it is to be a young military spouse who really knows nothing. In some regards, I miss that time. 

3. What I'm loving...

My secret sis in my Catholic women's group. With illness raging through my household...getting a package & card from her this week was amazing! Women supporting women...I LOVE that!

4. What we've been up to...

After Compass ended on Thursday afternoon, I drove the kiddos down to Portland to see my Mom. We were having a great time until the stomach bug got us, then Julia came down with HFM (thankfully it seems to be a mild case) and now we're home just trying to be down with this round of illness.

5. What I'm dreading...

Moving again this year. The owners of our rental intend to sell so though we had always planned to buy this summer anyway...knowing that our potential buffer of another year of renting is gone means moving for sure. I am an expert at the moving business...but I still loathe it. 

6. What I'm working on...

I am doing the 40 bags for Lent thing, so I am again going thru the house deluttering. Plus there's a big Just Between Friends consignment sale going on in April here, so my craft room looks like kid/baby gear threw up in there.

7. What I'm excited about...

Sleeping?? Seriously that's all I care about right at the moment. Okay...I am also looking forward to Spring. Spring comes sooner to the PACNORWEST then where I grew up, which is excellent. 

8. What I'm watching/reading...

Reading: I just finished "The Warmth of Other Suns" by Isabel Wilkerson  I would not have picked it myself, but my Mom's book club was reading it so I read it too. It was a very interesting read about migration in this country. Definitely not a light read though.

Watching: The Bachelor. It's all I watch these days, besides kid shows. I tried keeping up with Downton Abbey, but couldn't so I will just have to borrow the DVDs.

9. What I'm listening to...

My favorite talk radio guy in Seattle, Dori Monson.  Love the guy. I don't agree with everything he says, but he's pretty much the most decent conservative talk radio guy in the city. 

10. What I'm wearing...

Nothing very exciting. Benjamin is a huge spitter upper so I think I change jeans & shirts daily. Today I wore a hat to cover my unwashed hair and prayed no one I know saw me at Fred Meyer while I quickly grocery shopped sans makeup. 

11. What I'm doing this weekend...

Low key, family time stuff. We are going to the Apple Store on Sunday, b/c my husband's brand new iPhone is having issues. 

12. What I'm looking forward to next month...

EASTER!!! I love Easter. Great season in the church and lillies and good stuff.  I got my kids the cutest reusable Easter bags on Etsy too. 

13. What else is new...

Nothing really. I like the status quo!

14. What is my favorite Easter tradition...

We are really traditional for Easter. We go to Mass, have brunch and then do Easter egg hunts at home or the week prior go to one at our church. It's low key, but fun.

Sorry for no pictures. That just isn't happening this week. 

Monday, February 8, 2016

Mundane Monday Ramblings!

I figured a short update was in order. I've been busy at home & around town.  Running errands daily I swear. I am sort of tired of shopping! (Can anyone who knows me believe I just said that???)

Benjamin and I went back to the Lactation Consultant on Friday. Pretty much just to weigh him and thank her for trying to help. Things didn't work out so our breastfeeding journey has come to an end. It's very bittersweet for a number of reasons. At least I made it 5 months with him. Longer then I did with Matthew. Julia I made to a year, but it was a tough year in regards to feeding. Anyway...I know I tried so I am okay with how things worked out.  The good news is that he has gained weight again & he overall seems happier, which relieves me.

Now I have been in full on Valentine mode. Which is truly comical, because I can't say that I really am in the mood for Valentine's Day this year.  However I've made some pinterest decor for the house and things for Matthew's class are coming together today. He's giving out Spider Man valentine cards I got 50% off last year and a box of crayons. No real pinterest creation from this Mom. Sorry folks!

I also plan to make rice krispie treats for the NWCA gals...since I am once again "lazy" with gift giving!

Today is a beautiful sunny day in the PACNORWEST. I took the kiddos to a meeting and then we went to the commissary where Julia had a fit over Mommy helping her out of the car. Oops! Miss Independent....where'd she get that from?! ;)  At least Matthew still lets me help him.

You know those days where you just love the way you look? I am having that day today. I've got my favorite skinny jeans on, a new blue shirt, my nude flats and my hair is amazing! I didn't have time for any make-up, but I actually am looking alright without it. Getting sleep sure helps!

Friday, February 5, 2016

Friday is better!

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After the stress of last week. I am back. This week began very stressfully (not a word...I don't care) and is thankfully ending much better!  So what better way to finish it up then to join in on this blog link-up. I love this one b/c it's simple & fun!

1. Essie Nail Polish in Cabana Boy.

I'd been wanting a grey nail polish for ages and then I went to Ulta and found this bad boy. 

cabana boy - grays by essie

2. TONY MOLY Magic Food Banana Hand Milk
This was a last second find at Ulta in the check out line. I didn't even know the price. I just liked the packaging so I bought it and it's actually nice!! And of course my girly girl daughter is enthralled that we have it!

3. Dr. Brown's Options Bottles

Littlest Boy (aka Benjamin) has decided these are the bottles he likes best! To the point that I need to buy more. Or maybe I shouldn't buy more so I am forced to wash the bottles every night (so far I am 3 for 3 on this!)

4. Valentine Pictures!

I can't share yet, since they are a surprise for the Grandparents..but a friend here is setting up a photography business and she took free pictures for Valentine's Day of the kiddos. They are so cute and the kiddos loved getting their pictures taken, well 2 of the 3 kiddos did. 

Image result for valentines day

5. Killing Reagan

Bill O'Reilly does it again! Another fantastic book in his killing series. I couldn't get enough of this book and read it in 3 days.  I love how his books come from all sides, aren't really political and are so well researched. They fascinate me!