Friday, May 13, 2011

Things I am liking right now:

It's Friday and I am celebrating what I like right now:

1. Dots candy. Seriously deliciousness stuffed into one tiny bite.

2. My secret sister (we have secret sisters as a small way to encourage the wives during deployment)....she is pretty awesome!

3. Kindle app for my droid. Especially the free books that are available from Amazon.

4. Everyone's pictures. I always like pictures but right now I am in love with pictures. So post away friends....I want to see what you're up to!

5. My Alaska teddy bear that Avery got me on last year's Eastpac.

6. Finding the stuffed animal dog I bought in England at my Mom's house. I had thought I gave it to Goodwill when I moved out, I am so pleased to have been wrong!

One thing I don't like right now:
1. Blogger having deleted some of my favorite bloggers posts. :-(

Time to snuggle with my kindle app! Toodles friends!

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