Saturday, August 31, 2013

It's that time again....

It's that time, no not back to school (my kiddos obviously aren't at that stage yet), it's time for me to have a birthday again. [Though I should add that I can't wait for the neighborhood kids to go back to school. Me thinks some of them have been a little bored this summer due to our mailboxes getting messed with and toys left in my yard.]

I'm turning the big 2-8 this year. Yeah I's not really that old or big. Our priest once said in a homily that 35 is the prime of your life, so I'm clearly not there yet. Looking back on this year of life....well it's been another fast moving one.  Last year on my birthday I suspected I was pregnant, but didn't know for sure and refused to test for another week or so.  This year I am definitely not pregnant and plan to just take it easy & be lazy with the cutest kids ever. Oh and definitely try some of the blackberry wine at a local festival this year!

Reflecting on this past year of life...nothing extraordinary stands out for me I hate to say.  Sure I got through a second successful pregnancy and had my second child, but I don't feel I did anything significant. (Except maybe how to care for 2 young kids at the same time.)  I guess the biggest thing was working on being comfortable in my own skin (which really is a work in progress) and being at peace with getting rid of the negative. I have a lot more confidence in my abilities now. I know I'm good at what I do as a wife, mom and health & human service professional.

Here's to me!

And if someone could put my name on the flowers to go sign...I'd be a happy woman (hint hint hubby!)

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