Tuesday, April 14, 2009

One Semester English Major

I really like the title for this post. People that have known me well in more recent years remember my one semester as an English major. I enjoyed my time, but let's face reality....I couldn't cut it as an English major. I liked the subject, but it was hard for me to do all the work and face certain scrutiny. Not to mention that while I enjoy writing, I am not nearly as good as others at it and I don't want to put in the time necessary to improve. So I stay writing what I want at my pace all the while reading countless amounts of books and rolling my eyes at some of the atrocious grammar and spelling mistakes I see. (Some of my classmates at the college I am finishing up at either don't know what spell checker is or they just fail to use it.) My friend Angie is a self proclaimed grammar snob and I don't think I am too far behind her on that one.

Btw, silly question....what is the deal with Twitter? What is it exactly and should I get one?

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