Friday, August 14, 2009

Day 1

I didn't get a post in yesterday, because I was too busy reforming the American Health Care System for a homework assignment. Thus I have decided to make today day one of my writing challenge. Wednesday's post was just an introduction. :-)

Today's Topic: Becoming a Conservative

It seems to be as I've aged that I've become much more conservative about some issues. Yet, I wonder if maybe I was a conservative all along, but went through a period of teenage angst and have just returned to my roots. My parents weren't extreme conservatives, but I would definitely say that they had certain values that would be considered conservative. (Though in recent years, my father has become a little less rigid about some things.) Part of this, I believe to be part of our religion. My parents were both brought up in the Lutheran church and thus I was also brought up in that same church. As a freshman in college though, my faith took me in a new direction and I became a Catholic. I have never questioned this transition and still believe to this day that I made the right choice. The Catholic church has been there for me during some of the darkest days that I've ever had. My faith is a great source of comfort for me and if it contributed to my conservatism then I don't mind one bit.

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