Saturday, August 1, 2009

Things I Miss...

I love my life, but today as I was looking through some pictures from a few years ago I got to thinking about the things I miss.

1. Walking around Washington Park in Springfield, IL and seeing the changes that occurred every season. Even in bad weather, the park was interesting and so beautiful. The summer I lived in Springfield, I went there often to read or just to watch people feed the ducks.

2. Rainy days. Yes, we get rain here in Hawaii, but it doesn't tend to last very long and there is never lightening & thunder. I miss the kind of rainy days that lasted all day and had you cuddled up with a blanket.

3. Seeing my Mom every month. There's a certain comfort in being surrounded by a person you share DNA with or who knows you better then you know yourself.

4. Driving in the car with Grace. If I went out of town, I almost always had Grace with me. I'd put her in her kitty carrier and away we'd go. It was fun to drive and "chat." Now it's been nearly a year since we rode in a car together and the next time we do, she will be on her way to the vet and be very angry with me.

I don't know how to elegantly end this post, so it's just going to stop I guess.

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