Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Bible Study

Recently, I joined with up with a group of women to get together and study the bible together every week. We pick certain chapters and verses to read and study, then get together and discuss what we thought. This is a way to show how the bible fits with our lives. After about an hour of discussion we end with making a list of prayer requests.

Most of the prayer requests change weekly, but one of mine always is the same. I noticed today that though my prayer request hasn't been fulfilled yet, just having the group praying with me has really given me peace. Avery is due home very, very soon and I really want to share this peace with him. I don't know if it will help him feel any better, but I hope that we can be at peace together.

I have never been in a bible study that wasn't required Sunday school or for religion class in high school. I am so thankful for the group and the fact that it's reminding me of the power of prayer and getting me to pray more.

God is a powerful ally and I feel fortunate that he is always on my side, even when I haven't always been able to acknowledge it.

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