Thursday, September 23, 2010


Still no answers on the job situation, the higher ups came to town but never stopped at our store. I am even more bummed out about work, since my manager has decided to leave the company. I adore her and know we'll continue as friends, but still I will miss working for her. I am still so annoyed/upset that I am now seriously considering finding another job. The thought of starting over though is so daunting though.

We got some answers on the Avery health front. Now it's time to go back to my doctor and find out what to do next on the having a child front. I feel hopeful again and can see us accomplishing the pregnancy thing long before he deploys next year. Yay for victories!

I got a pedicure last night and they were really busy, so I had to sit & wait awhile. Just sitting there soaking my feet for extra time was so relaxing. I wish I could have the wait more often. :-)

Alright...time to go....peace out friends.

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