Tuesday, July 5, 2011

A few things I have learned from infertility

Infertility is a road no one wants to travel and let's face it, never expects to travel down. At least Avery and I never imagined we would travel down it. That all said, we have learned a whole bunch thanks to battling it.

1. Be an advocate for your own health care. Health care is a business and you are the consumer. If you aren't happy with how things are going, either change doctors or speak up. This seems so simple, but I have met a lot of people who are/were afraid to do so.

2. Research, research, research! (But be careful on the internet, some of the info is good, others misleading.) Infertility is not an exact science, by any means. Your infertility doctor's office isn't going to tell you all the bad stories, they are going to tell you the successes....research on your own.

3. Have a large base of support. Doing this alone is hard. I had a whole team praying for me and it really was calming to know that others were behind me, even on the bad days or the days of lots of people getting pregnant easily. (In fact that team is still praying for me and for them I am grateful.)

4. Be skeptical of the miracle cures on the internet. If they worked, infertility doctors wouldn't be in business.

5. Make the best decisions for you. It's okay to say no.

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