Sunday, January 15, 2012

Reflections on Pregnancy

Today marks 1 day past my due date and no signs of the baby showing up anytime today. There are loads of fill-ins/survey things/whatever you call them all over the blogosphere that allow you to reflect on your pregnancy on a consistent basis. I clearly never did them. At first it was that I feared I would jinx myself and then it was more of a I didn't want to hurt people's feelings who were struggling with infertility. Now, today, I want to do a little reflecting on my pregnancy, so that I have can come back and recall my thoughts.

The 1st Trimester:
Week 4: I find out I am pregnant and it's amazing. There's not much else to say.
Week 5: Morning sickness sets in. I suddenly am way more understanding of all the women I've ever known who have complained about morning sickness. I honestly had no clue it could be this bad.
Week 6: First u/s, I find out one embryo survived and see the heartbeat.
Week 7: I spend 9 hours in the Seattle USO super sick and trying not to kill people for being noisy.
Week 8: Last appt. with my infertility specialist. I cry saying goodbye to his office, I will miss them all.
Week 9: I am relieved to finally be at this milestone, because I read somewhere that if you make it to 9 weeks, you're 90% likely to have a successful pregnancy.
Week 12: First appt. with my ob/gyn. He's great and makes me feel at ease.

2nd Trimester:
Week 16: Morning sickness is finally letting up. I find out it's a BOY!
Week 17: Just kidding....morning sickness comes back for a few days before finally letting up again. We confirm, it's a boy for sure.
Week 20: Celebrate making it to the halfway point with my Mom in Maui. Another wave of relief sets in, as I have made it to another milestone I set in my head.
Week 23: Anatomy Scan at Kapiolani W.C. Hospital. Baby looks good.
Week 24: I hit a 3rd milestone I have set as baby is now considered viable.
Week 25: Avery returns from deployment.

3rd Trimester:
Week 28: The final trimester begins.
Week 34: Another anatomy u/s at Kapiolani as there are concerns over my lack of weight gain. Baby is fine.
Week 36: I hit the 4th milestone I have set, as baby is now full term.
Week 40: My due date has come. I have one more milestone for myself and that is to deliver a healthy baby.....hopefully that happens soon.

At this point, I am tired & crabby. I miss seeing people other then my Mom & husband. They're great, but I want to have the baby and get into a routine and feel like I am living for real again. I am anxious about our March move. I have it as planned out as possible, yet still feel a lack on control. I wish we could just magically transport ourselves and our stuff to Bangor.


  1. Love it Liz! Hopefully by the time you have a chance to read this, your little one will have arrived and you will be trying to get into the routine of having a new baby at home. Hugs to you.


  2. what a great reflection! i'll be 16 weeks monday and can't remember any of my weeks! haha ugh!