Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Life Changes...A Liz Update

Last week I wrote Benjamin's Birth Story and thank you to my amazing pals on Facebook who apparently all read it and loved it. Today I figured I'd do a real update on our recent life. I haven't posted much of anything on Facebook...mainly because I don't really use Facebook for the stressful stuff. (Seriously I hate FB posts that bemoan how terrible a person's life is....I am all about action.)
So what's happened you ask??

-Avery left active duty at the end of September. 
(He wrote a lovely FB post himself about it. He's not a big Facebooker, but it was a nice post and thanked the Navy for helping him to meet me & start our family etc. Good husband right there....it was a nice surprise to read it.)

-But we didn't leave the Navy entirely....
Avery signed an Active Reserves contract. So it makes us part-time Navy people. We still get some priviledges & IDs (well we'll get the IDs some year....long story.)

-Matthew started school
My little dude...okay he's hardly little at age 3.5....but still....
Yeah that kiddo started preschool 2 days at week at the Catholic School. We love it! His teachers are amazing and he's learning & having fun. Julia also adores dropping him off. Thank goodness she can go next year or I'd have mutiny on my hands.
(Note to self...hurry & get a job at said school so I can send all 3 kids there forever.)
[One kid brought cupcakes for her birthday today...they were from my favorite cupcake place...seriously way to up the ante on birthday treats. It's on...Matthew will bring truffles...kidding!!]

-We moved off the base (for obvious reasons) at the end of September.
We had really desired to buy a home and we tried, but it just didn't work out. So for now we're renting a really nice house in a fabulous neighborhood. No we're not buying the rental. It's very nice, but it's not quite what we'd like to own. Seriously the garage is way too small, which you'd think is a small issue, but I HATE it. However, I'd buy in this neighborhood. It's in a great spot.

-Avery started a new job.
He's working for the DOD. A huge amount of our stress was when this job would finally begin...as DOD jobs can be finicky. Thankfully our prayer warriors rallied and all is well.

-I began training my replacement
When your sailor leaves a command, you resign as the Ombudsman. My Command was a bit slow on getting a replacement so I'm still doing the job as my replacement gets into the job.

-I agreed to join the Reserve Ombudsman Team & remain a COT
Yeah....like anyone thought I'd really leave....hahaha!! I start as a co-ombudsman with the reserve team in January.  Oh and I still am an Ombudsman Trainer (COT), so I am here to stay forever. Haha!!

Oops....gotta go. The littlest child is crying for his Mommy. I better go snuggle his sweet face. 

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  1. Thanks for the shout-out and I'm so glad you're blogging again. Loved Benjamin's story - of course, I didn't love that it wasn't quite the experience you were hoping for but the end result is so perfect, everything else fades away. He's adorable. You have had quite the upheaval in your life lately but as always, you take it all in stride.