Monday, February 8, 2016

Mundane Monday Ramblings!

I figured a short update was in order. I've been busy at home & around town.  Running errands daily I swear. I am sort of tired of shopping! (Can anyone who knows me believe I just said that???)

Benjamin and I went back to the Lactation Consultant on Friday. Pretty much just to weigh him and thank her for trying to help. Things didn't work out so our breastfeeding journey has come to an end. It's very bittersweet for a number of reasons. At least I made it 5 months with him. Longer then I did with Matthew. Julia I made to a year, but it was a tough year in regards to feeding. Anyway...I know I tried so I am okay with how things worked out.  The good news is that he has gained weight again & he overall seems happier, which relieves me.

Now I have been in full on Valentine mode. Which is truly comical, because I can't say that I really am in the mood for Valentine's Day this year.  However I've made some pinterest decor for the house and things for Matthew's class are coming together today. He's giving out Spider Man valentine cards I got 50% off last year and a box of crayons. No real pinterest creation from this Mom. Sorry folks!

I also plan to make rice krispie treats for the NWCA gals...since I am once again "lazy" with gift giving!

Today is a beautiful sunny day in the PACNORWEST. I took the kiddos to a meeting and then we went to the commissary where Julia had a fit over Mommy helping her out of the car. Oops! Miss Independent....where'd she get that from?! ;)  At least Matthew still lets me help him.

You know those days where you just love the way you look? I am having that day today. I've got my favorite skinny jeans on, a new blue shirt, my nude flats and my hair is amazing! I didn't have time for any make-up, but I actually am looking alright without it. Getting sleep sure helps!

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