Wednesday, August 31, 2016

On the eve of my birthday... know how I was going to get better at blogging this year and here it is August 31st and I haven't blogged since April 14th? excuses. I just haven't prioritized my time as well as I'd hoped to include blogging.

I *think* I mentioned that I was interviewing for my dream volunteer job with the Navy. While after what I felt was a disastrous interview, in which I got in my car & cried driving home, I got the gig. That made my already super busy life busier. It will probably be unbelievable for those who know me best, BUT I am dropping an activity/pulling back a bit on some stuff starting this fall. With 2 kids in school this year (even though it's only preschool...still we are at the school everyday with 1 child or another) I really had to make some tough choices.

Anyway......this leads me to my topic. Tomorrow is my birthday. My most favorite day of the year. Completely selfish, but I LOVE a day that's just for me. Granted as I've gotten older it doesn't quite go that way.'s mine.

Last year turning 30...I knew it was a milestone, but I was 6 days post emergency c-section, overwhelmed by the 100 life changes coming our way...oh and on some narcotics.  I didn't really consider what a milestone it was. Today I am feeling it.

So here's some milestones from this past year (in no particular order):

-Figured out life with 3 kids....okay still working on it, but close enough.

-Watched a friend battling secondary infertility become pregnant & give birth. Such a blessing from God!

-Did my first year as a school yard Mom....or something like that.

-Landed my dream Navy gig....seriously love this job.

-Bought a house. (My favorite milestone!)

-Joined a group of Catholic Women online that has me really feeling mentally engaged in my faith for the first time in many years.

-Moved ourselves for what I hope is the last time in many, many least 10!!!

-Watched my littlest miracle turn 1 year old.

30 to 31 was a tough year....but it was also rewarding. I made it. Happy Birthday to me!

Ps. Totally going to Hobby Lobby to spoil myself tomorrow!

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