Thursday, April 14, 2016

Life For Real...

I just can't seem to make it over here to blog as much as I'd like. I even put blogging as a "to-do" in my planner and don't make it here. Life with 3 kids is hard! I am busy constantly and exhausted since Benjamin's sleep is all over the map. Yesterday I was supposed to have some down time and yet I spent 3 hours getting my stuff turned in for a local kids consignment sale. (I've never waited that long before...I am not mad...just tired.) By the time we did that I had to shop the commissary & feed the kiddos lunch. Yes they had lunch at 3:30pm and it was fast food (I did have a coupon.) All the perfect organic feeding Moms...please gasp in horror!
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I was facebook messaging a few days ago with a good friend of mine who also has 3 kids and it was so nice to be validated on how difficult this stage of life is. That I am not the only Mom yelling at her kids and craving sleep.

To top off the student loans have come up with a new payment plan (it's recalculated every year) and I am pretty sure we are going to starve. If there's anything I will teach my kids is to not get student loans if possible. These loans are horrible and I am lucky since mine are consolidated. Thank goodness my husband doesn't have loans. So at least we only have to deal with mine. Though that doesn't really lower the stress that much.

I still haven't heard anything back about the amazing volunteer opportunity that I am dying to get. Hopefully soon I'll know something. *crossing my fingers*

On a good note: Benjamin was baptized last Saturday. It was really nice. He was startled but didn't cry. His journey in the Catholic church has begun. Today he got a flu shot (our peds office had run out, so we had to wait a bit) and hardly noticed. Sadly the poor thing fell & hurt himself this morning. He's got his first big bruise on his nose. Poor sweet boy. I told him he's gotta crawl more carefully...;)

Well that's it for now....back to cleaning & laundry.

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  1. I think something went a little wild in your first paragraph.