Thursday, May 21, 2009

New Computer and Anniversary

I write this evening from my new laptop. I've now had this computer 24 hours and am still not sure what I think of it. My old laptop crashed completely on Monday evening, sending me into a panic and a slew of tears. Nothing was able to be salvaged off of my lovely little Dell. Thus, I got an HP last evening. As silly as it sounds, I miss my Dell. I really liked that laptop. It was the first laptop I ever bought and it was with me for 4 years. I did a lot with it and I honestly miss it. Now I am sure I will get used to this HP and grow to love it too, but this is not the love at first sight that I had with that Dell.

My first wedding anniversary is a week from tomorrow. In some respects I am just in awe of how this past year has been. My husband and I have grown so much together, but also I've grown so much. The person I've become since adding the title of wife is the best person I've ever known myself to be and I really believe I will only get better. I am proud of who I am now and I haven't felt proud of myself in this way for quite a long time.

Tonight I sit writing this blog and my husband is playing a video game that I bought him and I love this time with him. Yeah, we're not directly interacting, but we don't need to and I love that about us.

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