Saturday, December 19, 2009


My title says it all. I am determined to blog more regularly about the happenings in my life. I even have a post-it note up in my office now that says "BLOG" to remind me.

Life updates: Avery and I got the the sad news this week that my cervical cancer has returned. It was not expected at all. We both figured I'd go in for the check-up, get the "everything is normal" speech and hopefully get a little help on the trying to have a kid front. That was not to be though, so alas we go through this holiday season hoping that God has a reason for this new development and that we might someday understand it.

As I write this Avery is at work, but thankfully no longer out to sea. I have never been so happy to have him come back in port, as I was this week. He is such a comfort and is definitely the calmer of the two of us.

We are going to St. Louis for the holidays to see my family. My Oma (Mom's Mother) is not doing well and we were told we really ought to come home and see her. So we cashed in a gazillion airline miles and are traveling out there. I am already dreading the long flights. I love flying, but the long flights from our island home to the mainland are just exhausting!

I took our kitties, Grace & Blackie, to the vet and they both got a clean bill of health. This is particularly good news since they were a few months over due on their shots. Opps! No worries though, they are fine now and all updated.

I best get off of this computer and begin my lazy Saturday.

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