Thursday, March 11, 2010

Life is never fair......but today is a new day

So much has happened since I last wrote here. Avery took some leave and we were peacefully enjoying the first day of it when I got a call that shook my world up a bit. My Grandpa (Mom's father) passed away February 22nd. I was so surprised, as I wasn't expecting to get the call at all. You see my Oma has terminal cancer and I really expected to be hearing of her death. Anyway.....2 days after he passed away I was on a midnight flight to STL. I arrived in STL on Thursday and the funeral was Saturday. Everything was horribly sad and the emptiness in the house has continued to linger. (My Grandparents live with my Mom). I will have stayed 3 weeks when I finally return home on March 16th. I have missed Avery a lot. I missed out on all of his leave and I know he was very disappointed, but life isn't fair for any of us.

[To top it all off I was suffering from a lingering sinus infection. Thank goodness my doctor loaded me up with all sorts of medication several hours before I got on the plane.]

Today is a new day and I am sitting here watching spring peak through Southern Illinois. My Oma is being admitted to the hospital, because of fluid build up related to the cancer. This is the end and I am terribly sad, but doing my best to be positive. Selfishly I want her to hang on for a month or so, so I can go home for awhile. I need to be back in Hawaii with Avery just to get grounded again.

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