Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Things I am Thankful for this Thanksgiving

All over facebook people are posting what they are thankful for everyday of November. Obviously I don't have time (okay, really desire) to do so, so I figured I'd compile a big list here.

1. Good friends who invite us over to their homes, since our families aren't here to celebrate with us.
2. An amazing submarine command that hosts a Thanksgiving dinner on the pier, so those who are on duty (like my husband) and their spouses can share a meal together.
3. A perfectly timed Clomid cycle that will hopefully lead to IUI very soon.
4. Moms who love us so much.
5. POG, because it just tastes delicious.
6. Pets that love us unconditionally.
7. Warm, comfortable weather in Hawaii.
8. Good friends who meet for lunch just to catch up.
9. People who split the cost of a taxi with you.
10. Having enough food to eat and never going hungry.
11. Trustworthy people who house sit for you and refuse payment.
12. Getting a Christmas present that someone really desires.
13. Hope on the horizon.
14. Being happy.
15. Prayers.
16. Coupons that save me lots of money.
17. A husband who loves me no matter what.
18. Nice pictures.
19. Faith.
20. God who loves us.
21. Family coming for Christmas
22. A quiet house.
23. Good professors and advisers.
24. Healthcare professionals that do all they can for us.
25. Health insurance.
26. Music
27. Dancing
28. Doing things I love.
29. Books!
30. Having so many things to be thankful for.

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