Wednesday, November 3, 2010

A Range of Emotions

First topic: Well...I had the appointment and we got our referral. I am so excited and scared all at the same time. Technically we have to wait for the army hospital to turn us down, but I am not bothering to wait. I have the name of a civilian doctor and I am going ahead with him.

I am was so excited that I went to see if by some chance Avery's boat was still there and instead watched them pull away from the pier. I admit, I cried....something I've never done before. I usually get energized and start my "he's underway" to-do list without much thought. Well not this time...tears were flowing and I instantly wished the boat could stay home.

That said, I am a military wife and I can do this. I will get the appointment, discuss what to do and then tell Avery when to show up.

Oh a side note: I resigned from my job. I decided there was no point in being somewhere, where I was so miserably unhappy every time I worked. Not sure where I'll work next, but I will figure out something.

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