Sunday, November 28, 2010


Tuesday is the big first appointment with the specialist. We tried a Clomid cycle this time and the way the timing works, means that we could get some good news about doing IUI this cycle at that appointment. I am so anxious, excited and nervous all at the same time. Avery and I both said we'd laugh/cry if the Clomid was all we needed. I feel so upbeat about this, but of course pessimism is creeping in a little as we get close to this appointment. All my fears about miscarriage or not being able to get pregnant before his deployment nip at the edges of my happy, hopeful heart.
It's even harder, because more people have announced pregnancies lately and my desire to be one of them is strong again. Though oddly I had a random desire to be living alone without kids just today. That dissipated slowly...which surprised me.

Hope everyone had a great holiday. I sure did. I got almost all of my shopping done on Black Friday. A feat I have never before accomplished. It was fun! :-)

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