Friday, April 8, 2011

Tired, but updating you all

Sorry for the blogging break. Avery and I spent our last few days together and then he left on deployment. Now my Aunt came to visit. [Note to self: never agree to visitors so soon into deployment and/or an ivf cycle.] I am on strong hormones for the IVF cycle. They are making me soooooooo tired. I just want to do nothing, which isn't exactly possible right now.

I have given a bunch of blood, had a pap smear. Apparently I hadn't had one since December 2009...which seems strange considering all this infertility business, but my dumb ob/gyn doctor at the military clinic never did it. So my PCM kindly got me up to date on that so I can get the all clear to do the actual ivf procedure.

Avery and I are really excited and even though he isn't here for the whole thing I feel him with me. (Sappy, but true.) We made all the decisions about every possible thing that we could think of ahead of time. We are prepared or as prepared as we know to be. Our IVF coordinator has been great about emailing and calling to make sure everything is good. to entertain....

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