Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Anyone who knows me, knew I would have something to say about this huge, horrible change on Facebook. Rest assured dear friends, I am not letting you down. Here are my thoughts!

1. What was supposed to be a simple way to keep track of your friends who live far away (or at least that was my use of it) has now become a confusing jumble of "you're lucky if you see what happened in the past 10 minutes, coupled with whatever FB has decided is a hot story."

2. Wow, pictures are now larger then life on your profile posts and newsfeed. If I want to see a person's picture bigger, I click on it. I don't want it glaring at me on my front page. (Especially if it's a person from high school posting the mouse in a trap, dead at her house [totally serious, this did happen.])

3. The thing I take the biggest issue with is the fact that I now have to have a running commentary of exactly who my friends are commenting to or whose stuff they are liking. This would be fine except, I am not friends with everyone they are commenting to.....which begs the huge question of "WHERE'S THE PRIVACY IN THAT?" I specifically set everything on my profile to friends only, because I want to have a minute bit of privacy. That is pretty much gone now.

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