Thursday, November 24, 2011

In Thanksgiving.....

A lot of my friends wrote what they were thankful for everyday this month as status messages on Facebook. I didn't participate because I just don't care to update my status that often. Despite that I have a lot to be thankful for today and everyday, so I figured why not write some things I am thankful for in a blog.

1. My husband, Avery. He never fails to take care of me in whatever way I need. I am so grateful for such a good man. (Plus, he joined Facebook which is something I never thought I'd see him do.)

2. My family....I am very lucky to have such good people related to me through blood & marriage.

3. My friends. All of them are amazing, from the ones who live far away to the ones here in Hawaii.

4. Pregnancy. I am incredibly fortunate to be pregnant and despite the difficulties that have presented themselves with it, I never forget the people who helped make this possible.

5. Going along with number 4: God, our entire prayer team, the support group & the infertility specialists who worked with us. (Our infertility journey was relatively short compared to many others and I credit that on these people.)

6. My ob/gyn. I switched to Tricare Standard to work with him and he really has been the best doctor for me. I have complete confidence in his care.

7. The United States Navy. While hard to deal with sometimes....the Navy provides my husband with a job & both of us with benefits. Hard to beat that.

8. Furry faces...aka the kitties and doggie. They kind of rock. :-)

9. Food to eat. It sounds cliche' I realize, but I am thankful we do not go hungry when so many in this country do.

10. Nearly being done with my degree. I can apply for graduation and if all goes well with our baby boy, I will finally have a college degree in May or June.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I hope you have a good one.

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