Friday, November 4, 2011

What's New?

I haven't blogged in a few weeks again. Mainly because Avery was home and I was busy with school. it happens in the submarine world, Avery went back out to sea. Not to worry, it's a short one, he'll be back soon.

Our lives in brief:

1. Pregnancy is going well. Our son looks great. I am into the 3rd trimester and getting excited to meet my little guy. We have our maternity tour a week from today.

2. Hormonal overload is in full swing. I've never felt so out of balance as I have lately. I am depressed one minute and happy the next. All I want to see is Avery when he's not here, but when he is here he's driving me up the wall. I am lonely and depressed.....I am told this is prenatal depression, which feels ridiculous to have since I am so lucky to be pregnant after all the hardship we went through.

3. Avery has a re-enlistment date and it is very soon (I honestly can't remember the exact date). He'll soon be committing to serve his country for another 3 years.

4. Shore Duty: Yes, we know where we are most likely going. (No, I am still not posting on the blog where we're going.) We just don't have a clear date of when we're going there. He was told that we would leave in March, but given no date.

The dog is on the bed....where he's not supposed to be. Better go deal with that.....ta ta my friends.....

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