Thursday, December 22, 2011

Finally an update on us

It took me awhile, but here I am to save the day (update you all!!)

Right after Thanksgiving, Avery was honorably discharged and then re-enlisted in the US Navy for another 3 years. (It seems so silly that they have to discharge them to re-enlist them, but that's how it works. I sort of laughed when they said congrats you left the Navy and still got paid.) Avery is very nonchalant about the whole thing, but I am filled with pride. In the grand scheme of things, people who serve in the military are a very small part of the population. I really appreciate the fact that my husband is one of those who volunteers to do the work needed to defend not only our nation's freedoms, but also the the freedoms of other nations.

We got our official on paper orders for shore duty. Soo...where are we going?? Despite asking to stay in Hawaii, the detailer gave us our 5th choice and that is Bangor Naval Base! We should be there shortly before Easter. I am slowly getting used to the idea of leaving Hawaii and finding things about Bangor to love.

In case I didn't make it official on here, we did name our son finally. His name is Matthew Orson. He was breech for quite a long time and due to his head smashing my stomach I gained no weight for over a month. This led to concern and had me at Kapiolani (the hospital where I will deliver) for another growth u/s just to check on him. Thankfully there was no need for concern, he was/is fine and at 34 weeks they estimated his weight at over 5 pounds. The perinatologist estimated he will be between 7 and 8 pounds at birth (praying this is true, I have a slight fear of having the biggest baby in the hospital...crazy fear I know.)

Tomorrow is my 37 week appointment. We are almost at the end and ready to meet our little boy. My body is very sore and in much pain, but Avery has been amazing at taking care of me. He's such a good husband. He always tells me that I am the best, but I am the "best" simply because he's my husband.

Hope everyone else is doing well.

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  1. Aw! I can't wait for your little man to arrive! It's so exciting!