Thursday, February 16, 2012

We are moving on up.... the West Coast!

Today was our pre-inspection to move out of our current home. We got very lucky and the guy found nothing obviously wrong with the house. However, he didn't look very closely so I called maintenance to fix a few things and the rest I will have my checkbook out just in case! I am hoping I just think more is wrong then what they really care about. We ended up getting lucky and the carpets are so old that they will be replaced when we move out, so we do not have to clean the carpets or do flea/tick treatments after all. That saves us a ton of money right there. I am tempted to pay someone to clean the house now or just pay the opt-out fee since we're saving so much on the carpeting. Our backyard & grass passed muster too, which surprised me until I read that when we moved in they had marked our grass as dead. (I don't recall it being dead, but again not going to argue.)

Everything is falling into place and I can hardly believe that in a little over 2 weeks we'll be saying farewell to Hawaii and hello to Washington State. It's a new adventure! I will miss so many things about Hawaii and so many friends. PCSing is never easy, but I know we'll make it and hopefully I can easily make many more new friends and find tons to love about the West Coast.

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