Monday, May 7, 2012

Miscellany Monday

1. Time.  Yes, it's been awhile since I've done miscellany Monday. But I figured it was time to do it again, because it's fun & I'm procrastinating doing homework.

2. Homework.  Speaking on such a subject....I should be writing an essay on Telemedicine. Unfortunately, it's another topic that while awesome for the medical field, is way over talked about so thus I feel a waste of my precious time.  Too bad my professor doesn't share that opinion.

3. Army Wives.  Yes, let's talk about a television show briefly.  Let me preface that I haven't seen this past Sunday's episode yet.  However I did watch the previous Sunday's show and one thing in it bugged me a bit.  They show an enlisted couple having money problems and an Officer & his wife helping them out.  Now that's a bit odd to me, because I have never heard of an Officer & his wife coming to an enlisted person's home and discussing their finances.  (If I am wrong about that, correct me.)  Also, there is a line where the officer's wife says or implies that it is common for enlisted personnel to have financial difficulties or to not be smart with their money.  While I concede that can be true, it is not true for all and I felt sort of like the show made it out that enlisted people were stupid with their money.  [Let me also say that I do not have anything against officers or their wives.  This was simply how the show presented it.]

4. Neighbor.  I met one of our neighbors today.  She's super nice and they also came from Hawaii. Maybe this could be a potential friend?

5. Matthew.  He has gained enough to finally stop seeing the doctor every other day.  While he is still small for his age, they believe he is on the right track again with weight.  I bought him a Jumperoo thing off a yard sale site and his small size was incredibly evident when I tried to see how he was in it. So back to the garage it went and we'll try it again in 2 weeks.

Okay, to write this silly essay!

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  1. Max began to pull up on his entertainer before his feet really began to touch the bottom of it so we just took out the seat. He is my pocket sized 16lb almost 1yr old and couldn't be more perfect. I'm sure you feel the same way. I'm just proud he's bigger than .7% of other kids his age