Thursday, May 10, 2012

POTW: Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child

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 So my POTW this week is the book about creating good sleep habits for your child.  My BFF in Hawaii recommended after we'd moved to WA and were having a few issues with our son's sleep.  (I believe it was recommended to her by another milspouse friend of ours.)  At first I was suspect, because I worried it would tell me to let my baby cry it out.  It's pretty much not that at all.  It basically gives you guidelines for a sleep schedule.  I admit I don't follow the book religiously, but what I do follow has helped tremendously. It gave me a much better idea on what is the best schedule for a baby.  I highly recommend.

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  1. We loved that book so helpful. We liked that it was more of a modified CIO book. We also picked bits and pieces. Glad someone else found the book helpful.

  2. We loved this book too! Glad it's been a source of some great suggestions for you. I miss you friend!