Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Garage Sale Pages

You know the ones, they are all over Facebook, places where people virtually sell their stuff instead of having a sale at their house on a Saturday.  In fact, for the area that I currently reside there are over 4 that I am aware of and of those I belong to 3.  These are generally great sites. In the past 2 weeks I have gotten a near perfect jumperoo for my little dude (new nickname courtesy of his Nana), a worn once sailor outfit for little dude, 2 cans of formula all for really cheap or free.  I have also given away moving boxes, laundry detergent and spacebags.  That makes me love those pages.  NOW for the thing that annoys me and please tell me I am not alone here.  People who overprice their items and refuse to negotiate.  It's a yard sale page, it doesn't matter if you paid $50 for those Abercrombie capris, they're not going to sell for $20!  Try $6 and then we can talk.  Or the other thing, the people who get mad that no one is interested in their item so they say "if this isn't gone by tomorrow, it's going to Goodwill." Why not just take it there in the first place then?

What are your thoughts on these types of pages?  I am new to them, since I didn't really participate in any of the ones in Hawaii.

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  1. Never heard of it- but it sounds like a neat concept! Maybe a little safer than Craiglist too because you're dealing with fellow military families... not any creep off the street.

    PS- I can't believe how big little dude has gotten. I peeked at your FB page today and was BLOWN away. What a cutie!!!