Thursday, June 7, 2012

"It's Ok" Thursday

Its Ok Thursdays
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...It's okay that I am yet again blogging while my little dude is napping in his swing. He sleeps in the crib at night so good enough and thank you for the person yesterday who commented that. :-)

...It's okay that I bought him a shirt that says "Little Dude" at Target yesterday, even though he did not need anymore clothes in that size. was on clearance and said his nickname!

...It's okay that I use homework as a way to get a little quiet time on Thursday evenings, when my husband takes Little Dude out somewhere for an hour or 2.

...It's okay to still watch The View even though my annoyance with Sherry Shephard turns out not to be pregnancy related and is just me.

...It's okay to not know who to vote for in the upcoming elections.

...It's okay to watch bad reality television.


  1. Good to know that I will still be able to blog when my little one is born. Soon...very soon!

  2. its always okay to shop :)
    great list! x

  3. Reality TV is my weakness. I just can't help but watch it and I do mean all of it!!

    it would be unacceptable to pass up a good sale at target. I bet he looks cute in the shirt too!!

  4. that's like me...reid and lily have a bazillion clothes...but i can't stop buying...they never even wear half...something about a sale sucks u in