Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Wild Wednesday!

Alright, so it's not really that wild.  Unless you count Matthew putting up a great fight at naptime. Thank goodness for his swing. He finally fell asleep there.  (And yes I know all the books say not to let them sleep in the swing, but seriously this Momma needed quiet time and if the swing does it, so be it.)
We are having a fairly low key week.  There's not much going on around here. 

School: I am on my 3rd week of my 2nd to last class.  The professor is super arrogant and though I am doing well in the course, his attitude really doesn't make it easy.  Plus, he thought a student who used a less than great source was "wonderful" which just turned me off even more.  I can't wait to be done.  (On a side note: I got an A in my previous course, which really made me happy since it was my first class back after maternity leave.)

Weather/Shore Duty: The weather up here is cold.  I tend to forget it is even summer.  I recall how annoyed I used to get at the people who complained about living in Hawaii, but I kind of get it now, because I complain about living here frequently.  I am doing my best to find the good things, but it is difficult.  Coming from 5 years of sea duty to shore duty is a huge adjustment.  Avery and I are struggling a bit to figure out how live like a "normal" couple. On the positive side, I am going out for dinner/drinks with some ladies whose husband's are also on shore duty on Friday. I am hoping/praying they can become friends. It seems harder to be friends with the ladies whose spouses are on sea duty for some reason. I guess it has to do with the whole vastly different schedule.

Matthew: I forgot to mention in my previous post that they discovered that the reason Matthew had a fever in May was due to a UTI.  So he will have to have a renal u/s next week.  It's just precautionary, due to his age.

Wisdom Teeth: Mine are impacted and must be removed surgically next week Thursday.  The doctor told me he'd prefer I allow him to put me under for the procedure and after I listened to him explain it, I agreed.  This is more money out of pocket, but it is faster and let's be honest who in their right mind wants to be aware of what the oral surgeon is doing?  Not me for sure! I am dreading the whole thing. Especially since anyone who knows me, knows I am a big baby when it comes to teeth/mouth pain. I also like to talk and eat and things that inhibit those activities annoy me. Which leads me to my next topic....

Baby Weight: Yes, I have proved the nay-sayers wrong and lost all the weight I gained.  It can be done. I was 121 on the day of the embryo transfer and 157 on the day my induction began.  In May when I saw my new doctor, I was 122 (okay so one measly pound up from my starting point, but close enough.)  The one thing I did that I cannot stress enough to people is this: after you've given birth go get normal pants in your "new" size. I was a size 10 after I gave birth and even though the number scared me a bit, having clothes that fit properly really helped my self esteem immensely. 

So there you have it, Wild Wednesday!


  1. Congrats! I never got to my prebaby weight though I was really close. I figured I just needed to up my workouts and then I found out I was 6 weeks pregnant. Poor Matthew and his medical issues. Hopefully he goes awhile without anymore.

  2. Baby G naps well in the swing. Luckily he sleeps pretty well at night in his crib. I hate putting him in the swing to try and get him to sleep, but he does need his naps and I do need 5 minutes to myself when I'm by myself with him :o)

    Great job on losing all the baby weight! That's awesome! I agree about the clothes. Once I bought clothes that fit decently on me I felt better about myself!

  3. I think it is definitely possible to lose the baby weight with the right attitude and the right choices. I may disagree when I actually HAVE a baby but after losing 40lbs and still trucking to lose another, I believe that I can be as healthy as I chose to be :) congrats to you on that - you rock! (great advice about the pants too - things look better and feel better when you just give in and buy the proper size! haha).