Sunday, July 21, 2013

Little Miss is 2 Months Old!

Julia at 2 months
I can't believe it's been 2 months already!! Our Little Miss is just a joy. I absolutely adore her! She's definitely still a peanut in terms of size. I did her laundry this week and swore she had to be out of newborn clothes. Nope, she's not! I've put her in 0-3 month stuff just to have some variety and she just drowns in it.  She is, however, growing out of some of her NB sized sleepers. She's just too long for them. We tried her in size 1 diapers and those were also a no go for now. Everyone says she's taking after me. I sure hope so. Though I must admit when I see her give an expression that looks like startles me. Little Dude is a carbon copy of his Dad, so I never experienced having a little person look like myself. I like it though.
She's a champion nurser! I also pump and she's able to take a bottle when I'm not able to bring her with me. This is about the age with Matthew where my milk supply just started to drop off, so I've been super vigilant about pumping. I figure it's best to be pro-active this time around.

Tomorrow both kids go to the pediatrician for well baby appointments. Julia for 2 months and Matthew for his 18 month.
They are both being baptized on August 11th. Julia is wearing the baptismal gown that I wore as a baby, which I think it pretty neat! Matthew will wear a nice white shirt and blue pants. The white suits for baptism look silly to put on a toddler, in my opinion. I'm looking forward to their journey into the Catholic church beginning. It seems fitting that they'll be baptized around what is the 10 year mark from when I was received into the Catholic church. :-)

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