Tuesday, January 14, 2014

52 Weeks of Memories: Weeks 1 & 2

Finding Myself Young

Okay Toni I'm doing it. Now nudge me to make sure I continue the whole year.

So my friend in Australia is doing a photo blog prompt to get people blogging/taking pictures this year. I didn't do last week while it was still last week so it's included here.  Go over to her blog to see the list. It's interesting.

 Week 1's word is: NEW.
I got this book for Christmas. It's a journal where you write a sentence or 2 for everyday of year for 5 years. I really hope I can keep this up. It's fun to think of just a few things to say everyday. So far I am loving it!

Week 2: Sleep.
This is a picture of Little Dude's monitor. I'm not sure if you can find him in there. He insists on a lot of stuffed animals, plus pillows and a few other things in the crib. I've tried to take stuff out, but he must have a mental inventory because he knows if anything is missing.

Link up and enjoy the fun!


  1. YAY! Glad you are playing along :)

  2. That journal sounds fab - adding that to my wish list :)
    Love the sleep photo and the fact he knows if you remove anything x