Friday, January 10, 2014

Little Miss turned 7 months and had her first Christmas!

Shocker...I never got this posted (okay not really a shocker, but I am trying to make my blogging's only been a week since I last posted!)

Little Sis: 7 months on 12/21/2013

Julia turned 7 months old and as evidenced is still our little peanut. I have no idea of her height/weight or anything. But I imagine she's not too far off from her 6 month stats. She seems heavier some days and other days she feels very tiny still. I actually don't even realize how small she is in comparison to other babies until I see people with babies younger then her who are much bigger or the same size as she is. I sometimes feel I'm constantly acknowledging her peanut status. Anyway...what's she been up to?
Clothes: 3 months & some 3-6 month stuff (I moved her out of 0-3 because I was getting bored with the same stuff.)
Diapers: Size 1
Eating: She loves solids. I don't give her that much, but I do let her try different tastes & textures. She's about 95% breastfed still. She gets 1-2 bottles of formula a day...I'd love to cut these out, but so far haven't been able to.
Sleeping: That's a work in progress still. She is in her crib for most of the night, but still wakes 1-3 times a night. And is usually up & ready to rock by 7:30am. (Suffice to say I got spoiled by her brother who is a great sleeper. Hopefully she'll get it figured out soon enough. I try to be patient as she's likely my last baby & I wish I could remember more often to savor those moments in the dark alone.)
Teeth: She's still only got the 2 teeth she got at 5 months old. I often think she's getting more teeth, but then none appear, so who knows!
Talking: She doesn't babble tons, but has managed to say Mama & baba. I love to hear it. She has a very sweet little voice.
Toys: Her favorites are a Pete the Cat stuffed animal I bought for Matthew and more recently she likes Minnie Mouse I have on her changing table.
Moving: She started crawling in mid-December. It's a very odd looking crawl, but she moves very well. It's fun to see her go for toys now.

Playing with her toy stroller on Christmas
Her first Christmas was a good one too. She got some fun stuff to play with & cute clothes. Her Brother loves the toys she got too, so some of them have been moved to her room so she has a chance to play with them as she grows.  In the above picture she's wearing her red yoga pants. Yoga pants for babies = cutest thing!!

I think that does it.  Toodles everyone!

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  1. Shes so tiny compared to Hayley, but Hayley is a chunker now! You know what would help with your blogging goal - my photo challenge! Week one link up is still open, just saying. LOL