Wednesday, July 23, 2014

I'm back to blogging....maybe....I hope

I don't even know where to start, except to say that blogging felt unnatural and even a little boring for awhile there. I read other blogs and they all just sound amazing and the people who write them sound amazing. I felt like I didn't know what my blogging voice was. I still am wondering what it is exactly. I know I've pondered this before. So who the heck knows....I am just going to ramble today and see what happens.

SOOO what's been going on since April??? Well....
Julia turned 1 and had a great birthday party. Matthew turned 2.5 and is such a big boy sometimes I want to cry. I have stayed as busy as possible. Oh and I had minor nasal surgery. Not a nose job for all your judgmental divas! The nasal turbinates needed some fixing. It went well, I survived and life continued. Then we went to Illinois, road tripped to Dallas for a wedding, and then spent more time in Illinois.  Oh and my best friend up here in the PACNORWEST pcs'd and I ugly cried. A LOT! Oh a plus favorite babysitter for my kids came back from National Guard boot camp, thank god! Since babysitters are hard to come by; I am very picky!

It seems like busy is just my middle name. I volunteer (which is really means I work unpaid for a Navy command), I am involved with Navy Wives Club of America, volunteer with MOPS and a million other things related to all those. I was asked recently how I do it all and honestly, I don't know. I just put stuff in my planner and go to town. With a little help from my friend caffeine.
On a good week I dutifully plan my grocery list based on recipes I find on pinterest, type my grocery list using the Safeway site and load my club card to go shopping. On a lazy week or a week where I feel tired and grumpy, I run to the commissary & pray I get enough stuff to make it through the week. <---currently having="" nbsp="" of="" one="" p="" those="" weeks.="">
I was just telling my neighbor what a nice quiet, not busy week I was having and then today I got a call to deal with a situation I can't discuss. Yeah, totally jinxed myself there.

That's it. Maybe I can get on the blogger bandwagon again. All the cool Moms seem to blog. Am I cool? ;)

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  1. Does that mean I'm a cool mum cos I blog? Awesome. Never though of it that way (most people don't even know what blogging is and look at me weird when I say I have a blog).

    You are definitely cool Liz!