Friday, March 25, 2016

Easter & Benjamin is 7 months old!

So what happened was....

I got back from Portland on Monday afternoon and hit the ground running for a crazy week (are my weeks ever not busy??) I unpacked, did laundry and went grocery shopping at 9pm on Monday (thank goodness for my husband's RDO [military speak for regular day off].) Tuesday I woke up and started a Compass session. It was a great session. A lot of good questions and advice given. Even my embarrassing Navy rank story (I might share someday on the blog; when I get over being embarrassed by it!)

Selfie of myself at Compass!

Wednesday I took the kids to the Navy Exchange to see the Easter bunny. That was a comedy of errors! Benjamin was amazing. The other 2...not cooperative AT. ALL! I went for comedy. I get the picture back today. It should have me rolling my eyes.

Here are the kids Easter Baskets. Not really put together nicely yet; I'll get there.
TODAY...Benjamin is 7 months old. In honor of that, he slept 8 hours straight last night. THANK YOU BABY BOY!!!!

At 7 months...
Weight: I'd guess 15-16 pounds
Height: No idea...but he is SUPER long!!
Teeth: He has 6 through the gums now.
Diapers: Size 2
Clothes: 3-6 and 6 mos stuff.
Eating: He is great. He doesn't much care for pureed baby food, so we are basically doing Baby Led Weaning with him. Jasmine rice is his favorite!
Doing: Crawling like a crazy man, sitting up fairly stable and his new favorite thing: this shrill scream. I can't wait for that one to end. Sweet baby babble please!! His sister continues to be his favorite. He smiles a special smile just for her. He loves getting in the tub & kicking his legs like a mad man (maybe he'll be the next Olympic swimmer???)

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