Monday, March 21, 2011

How we do it

Most people who know me would consider me pretty resilient when it comes to dealing with the countless underways and then the deployments. And for the most part I would agree with that. I always miss him, but I don't feel awful or cry everyday. I just deal with it. It's my life and a life I accepted because I believe in the defense of our country & others, but mostly...I accepted it because I love him more then anything in the world. (Plus someone has to do it.)

I rarely talk about the heart ache of him not being here (or at least I think I rarely talk about it). It's just a part of our lives and we just do it. There's no secret to how we get through it. I send emails as I come up with enough worth telling him. He sends emails when he isn't super busy working. When he pulls into a port, he calls me...always calls me first. It has been that way since we were dating.

We have an amazing group of family & friends (both civilian & military) who support us and the work that Avery does without question. I am so thankful for all of them.

I mention this today, because I had what I call a "moment." A moment where I miss him & feel his absence so strongly that I have to cry just to release the pain. These are pretty rare, but when they happen I just have to let them out. I don't think holding in that pain is healthy.

In conclusion: we have no secret...we just do it. We/I cry when needed and then keep on going.

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